Dr Jayson Oates

Dr Jayson Oates

Dr Jayson Oates from Academy Face and Body is in the know on most male health issues and to highlight Men’s Health Month I had a chat to him about the most current and relevant issues facing men today.

Trish: Hey podcasters. So, I am here today again with Dr. Jayson Oates and we’re here especially today for Men’s Health Week and we’re going to have a little bit of a chat about some stuff for the guys. So, Dr. Oates is actually from Academy Face Body, in Subiaco, West Australia, off Perth. So, welcome Dr. Oates.

Dr Jayson Oates: Hi Trish. Good to speak to you again.

Trish: You too. This is so good we’ve created magic today with our audio recording so we’ve done something different hey, so I am pretty excited. So, tell me Dr. Oates, in the last, like I know you do quite a few men’s procedures, but in the last 20 years, have you seen any changes or what changes have you seen when it comes to men and the procedures that they seem to be having?

Dr Jayson Oates: I think there’s been a better acceptance of cosmetic procedures in general for men. There’s always been a tendency for perhaps younger men, to be coming in have their ears pinned back or their noses done. Very occasionally, we would get older men who were having eyelids and face lifts which I think the numbers have increased over time. Then, recently, with the development, say, of the calliper procedure and, so that is injectable fillers into the penis, and TRP for erectile function and using low intensity shock wave therapy for erectile function, we’ve seen a change there and a whole new group of men coming in for procedures that we didn’t even offer a few years ago.

Trish: Okay, so basically the procedures have kind of been on the rise in so far as like quantities that what guys are having done and now there’s even more procedures that kind of weren’t on the market before and guys … specifically designed for the men.

Dr Jayson Oates: Yes, exactly.

Trish: Awesome, so what trends do you offer in your clinic? Let’s start with, maybe leave the calliper one to last but what else do you do? Then we can talk more about the calliper because I know it’s kind of new territory.

Dr Jayson Oates: Are you thinking of all of these intimate sort of things that we…

Trish: No, I’m thinking for the guys … I’m thinking of the stuff for the guys. So what else can the guys get done at your clinic?

Dr Jayson Oates: Guys much more have been having a whole range of treatments. So, it’s much more acceptable and common to see guys who are having skin treatments, HydraFacials, peels, buying products. That has increased and changed a lot. And I think a decade ago, we used to think it was the metrosexuals, now it is lots of guys who are interested in it. And the young men who come up, perhaps teen and twenties now … I think in the future that will just be a normal thing for them, looking after their appearance, looking after their skin.

There are things like pore sculpting, which has been around for several years, but for a lot of guys that’s a lot more acceptable … a way of having your fat frozen and then having that fat just melt away with your body as opposed to having perhaps liposuction. Of course, guys still have liposuction, but whenever there’s a less abrasive and non-surgical option, I think guys tend to have a bit more of a preference to go in that direction.

Trish: Yeah. Yeah, okay, so correct me if I’m wrong, so basically guys are … it sounds like guys are just coming to get stuff done regularly as well, like not just one off treatments, but they kind of … It’s changing where it’s not just women coming in to get stuff done regularly, it’s the guys as well.

Dr Jayson Oates: It’s definitely starting. There was a time when the idea of something like the muscle relaxing injection, and the fact that you come back three times a year and have it done, was a really unfamiliar concept to a guy. Whereas women, and maybe it’s like getting their hair coloured or something where you’ve got to go back and have your hair coloured every six weeks or your roots are showing, just having your nails done regularly or facials done regularly …This whole idea of upkeep, maintenance and doing something for yourself, was a foreign concept to men but they’re getting more used to and comfortable with it.

Trish: Yeah, I totally agree. You can kind of deal with that and see that around. I was in a clinic not that long ago and I was just like … I mean it was a clinic for men, but I just couldn’t believe it … men that were coming in and I was, “Wow, this is just like …” because of course I’ve never been to a men’s clinic before, so I was like, “Wow, this is just like a women’s clinic, but just men.” I thought, “Wow, there’s a lot of guys out there, getting a lot of treatments as well.”

Dr Jayson Oates: Definitely that has increased, for sure.

Trish: Yeah. We’re going to talk about the Calibre, or I’d like to talk about the Calibre, so you’ve pioneered … or somehow you’ve been involved with the pioneering, is that right? Or the revolutionary penis enlargement procedure, which is called the Calibre for the guys, can you tell us a little bit about it? I know we’ve spoken about it before, but there were people who haven’t heard it.

Dr Jayson Oates: That started five or six years ago when we had a guy who just sort of casually mentioned that is there a way of achieving a bigger penis without having to have surgery and it sort of struck me that we’ve come so far with injectable fillers, and there had been so much more. Twenty years ago when I started, we were putting a little bit in the border of the [inaudible 00:06:24], a little bit in the nasolabial fold, and that was it. We didn’t really have any other concepts around it and now, we’re in a place that fillers are getting put except in the penis.

And so the magical research, the publish medical literature, and in career, and they published a few papers, and it seemed promising. It seemed to last longer than expected, see quite a lot of volume, so one of the limiting things was going to be the price. That still is a limiting factor. But to me it looks like these were urologists. They were surgeons, ex-surgeons, the kidney and the bladder, but they weren’t cosmetic injectors. But there’s a whole lot in this that could be done a lot better.

And so we were thinking, if there was a walk in, walk out procedure with no down time, painless, and it was a safe way of increasing the size of the penis, specifically increasing the girth of the penis, how many guys would be interested in that? It’s interesting, there have been studies that show between 40 and 60% of men had some interest in the idea of having a bigger penis. So it’s a common thing. It’s almost the majority of guys.

Trish: Yeah, I totally agree with you, because I actually get a lot of those inquiries, and it’s so true. People might say, “Oh, why would you bother” or anything like that, but having spoken to quite a few guys myself, it’s amazing what something like that can do for their self esteem. Because it’s okay for us women to think, “Oh we want to do that because it makes them feel better”, but if a guy can do something that’s going to make them feel better, why not? And now it seems that the technology or the process is such that you can, so it’s just really … I suppose it’s about spreading the word letting people know that it’s out there.

Dr Jayson Oates: We had just published another paper in the latest Aesthetic Surgery Journal in which a PhD Psychologist interviewed a series of patients who have had Calibre to see one, what were their motivations for having the procedure and what changes has it made to their lives. And it was a really useful exercise for us to see that guys were benefiting from it, and there was a range of reasons why guys were having it. One was from that “locker room syndrome”, just feeling self conscious that maybe they weren’t as big as other guys and in a gym situation or just where there’s a chance that somebody’s going to see your penis that they feel self conscious about it. So that was one reason, and the guys felt more comfortable.

And then the other reason is intimate relationships. Some guys have had the experience of a partner making a comment about the size of their penis, and one comment they will remember forever, and also it’s on a daily basis that it occurs to them. And again, aids that can actually deal in what they doubt themselves about their body by this procedure. That’s been really useful to see that it does make a difference.

I’m actually now working on a prospective and ongoing study with Curtin University … psychology department there in a study that’s never really been done before to see whether almost any cosmetic procedure, the kind of life changes that it makes to them.

Trish: What you’re saying is totally 100% true, because it comes from a story that I heard recently from the other end of the spectrum … was one of my daughter’s friends had, as she was younger, just, I don’t even know how young, but her boyfriend had said something about her labia, and it just stuck in her head, and then years later, she had labiaplasty, and she was like it’s the best thing that she’s … And I even saw it myself, her total confidence changed in who she was, and it was just the whole trigger was actually an ex boyfriend had said something to her about the way it looked. And so the same thing for the guys, so it’s so real, it’s so very real. Unless you’ve experienced that, I guess you can’t relate to it, but people need to be open that it’s not just about vanity. Sometimes it’s a real serious psychological issue that can be resolved really in a way.

Dr Jayson Oates: You take guys who are in business and come back and even in business and your day to day life, they feel more confident, and the idea about walking with a swagger. It’s confidence in yourself.

Trish: Oh totally. Even a situation like you put on a little bit of weight, and you’re self-conscious about five kilos, and you lose that five kilos, and you walk around like, “Hey, look at me. I’ve lost weight.” So it’s true, so it’s the extra swagger. I totally get that. So I wanted to ask you, that paper that you’re talking about that was done with that psychologist, was that privy … Is the general consumer privy to that? Is that something we can share with people or just have it available for them to have a read or whatever on plastic surgery?

Dr Jayson Oates: I think there are some limitations on what… Go to Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and you can read through the abstract. In fact I don’t think I’ve even got a link to it on my website, but I will get to it today and go and make sure, because until it comes out in a version of the journal, they generally don’t like it … making it available…

Trish: …to the public. Fair enough.

Dr Jayson Oates: Most people wouldn’t like the journal.

Trish: That’s okay. Even if we can share some of the information that’s allowed, that’d be awesome.

So tell me, I was going to ask you, in the spirit of talking about all things related to men’s health for Men’s Health Week this week, what are the less talked about health issues for men? I know for a fact that you do have something to do with erectile dysfunction or I almost want to swallow when I say that. It’s like, ooh this is kind of like… Say it out loud, erectile dysfunction.

Dr Jayson Oates: Yeah, ED, erectile dysfunction. Hugely common problem and gets a huge number of searches on the internet in Australia every month. It starts become more common for men from the age of 40, which is to me even it’s a… But into the 50s and 60s, it becomes more and more common, the ability to obtain an erection that long enough to have sexual intercourse. It can be a sign of underlying cardiovascular disease. The arteries of the penis are the arteries that are in your heart, so if you’ve got flow problems in the penis, GPs are well aware of this. Okay now we’re also going to check your heart out to see if you’re at increased risk there.

And for some guys, if you’ve been on the cholesterol lowering medication, exercising and you can make a difference to your erectile function, obviously there’s the medication. Everybody’s familiar with the little blue pill, Viagra. It just doesn’t suit everybody either socially or actually physically. Not everybody feels great taking Viagra. And it can be a case that it just doesn’t work at all, so then you need to perhaps have injections. And again, the idea of having to stick a needle into your penis every time you want an erection doesn’t appeal to a lot of guys either.

Trish: Probably a lot of women as well.

Dr Jayson Oates: Actually, a lot of husbands and wives, the wife is an old bat, and maybe the guy’s heart looks … So the wife gets the pleasure of sticking the needle in.

So the two things that we’re using, the PRP, the platelet rich plasma, often known as the PSHOD, and that’s where we take out some blood. In fact with the kits that we use, it’s quite a lot of blood, 60 mils, spin it down in a centrifuge, but we have to spin it twice to get the most concentrated number of platelets. And then you do inject it back into the penis. We wrap it all Glad Wrap and cream so it’s nice and numb. And this is a relatively new treatment. It’s been getting a lot of press, but it hasn’t got as much scientific backing as yet. So we’re looking forward to some studies getting published on the benefits. I just had an email from a patient today saying, “How long is this going to last?” He was happy with the result, but he said, “Do I have to do it at six months, or do I do it at 12 months or forever?” And that’s not really known. So that’s been useful, and they’ve been doing that for the last year or so.

And then the other thing is this what’s called “low intensity shockwave therapy” which all guys think means we’re going to put electric shocks into their penis, which is not. This uses a PCA therapy style tool and it creates this thumping motion. I usually describe it or call it “The Thumper” to patients. Again, it’s like… But it’s a very rapid little bump bump bump bump bump bump, and it stimulates blood vessels opening up and the growth of new blood vessels in the penis. And this has been studied very extensively in the urology of the bladder penis kidney literature over the last five years especially. And there would be 20 or 30 papers at least now hitting on results maybe 80% or more of guys having a significant improvement, guys who had … My very first patient, actually who was having to use injections to get an erection, Viagra just didn’t work for him at all. He had diabetes, he was in his 60s, and so it was one of the tough cases, one we avoid medications altogether.

After having the six treatments, so it’s two treatments a week, each treatment takes about five or six minutes, painless, you don’t need any local anaesthetic cream or anything, he came back later saying, “Well it works.” He doesn’t need any medication, and he can get a spontaneous erection when he needs it, for as long as he needs it, and so that was really … With him, we actually combined the two. We had Pshod plus the shock wave therapy. And so we don’t know whether is it the combination of the two that gave such a good result when he was expected to be a tough candidate? Would he have gotten a good result if he just had one treatment or just had the other treatment?

So there’s a bit of a learning curve, but at least there’s plenty of medical literature on this low intensity shock wave therapy. And I predict that you’ll see clinics popping up everywhere doing this treatment, because it’s such a common problem. It’s something that men find so important, and it’s an easy fix, really. And this one, and it seems to be the six treatments usually done in three weeks, and then looking to do a top up treatment giving you time or 18 month’s time.

Trish: Okay, and what about costing factor, is it really expensive, or it’s something affordable, or top in? Can you give us some indication of … I don’t know it’s going to be an individual, like someone’s going to come in and then need to go see someone else.

Dr Jayson Oates: With regards to purchasing price, if you take always tell me limited tell the patient privately get out the front

I guess it’s a relative thing to guys. But I think PRP is in the realms of 1200 to 1600 dollars for the injection, and I think the series of six treatments with the low intensity shock wave is … and this is probably where I’m going to get in trouble, just over 2000 dollars I think.

Trish: So it’s not ridiculous. I’ve seen quotes for procedures that have been ten times that. And even then you don’t know if it’s going to work. So it depends … If you’re comparing it to a facial, yeah, it’s going to be different, but if you’re comparing it to what you actually, the possibility of achieving is, it’s like any treatment that someone has. It’s like, I’m going to get this done, I’m going to have resurfacing, and the results are going to outweigh any. It’s kind of nice to have that up front as well.

Dr Jayson Oates: I think that would … guys see it, and certainly if guys are interested, call the clinic and check.

Trish: Of course.

Dr Jayson Oates: But I think it’s the value they get out of it that really makes guys interested in these treatments and the ability to achieve an erection for a guy is an important thing.

Trish: Of course. And I can I ask you, so if guys do have these issues, do they need a referral from the GP to see you, or what’s the first step in treating an issue like this that they might have where they can just ring up, or what’s the first step?

Dr Jayson Oates: If they’re on the medical side, it’s a good idea to see the GP first, discuss it with your GP, because these other cardiovascular issues, I think that they want to be checked out. There may be some blood tests. There was this idea of, “Oh we’re just going to give everybody testosterone. This is going to solve everybody’s issues.” And there’s been a bit of a recent [inaudible 00:22:36] over the last few years. But it may be that if you haven’t even tried Viagra, that that is worth a try first before you come in. Some guys, perhaps it meant rather than having to take medication every time the idea of having treatment and reversing the underlying issue, that might be more appealing to them. But I think it’s worth discussing it with your GP. Although it’s not an essential.

Trish: This is great. That’s been so helpful, that’s been really good, and I’m sure I’ll all the guys will enjoy listening or reading about this. And of course, as with anything, if they have any questions, they can just ring your office anyway, can’t they? There’s always someone there to help them with a question or an answer or anything like that. Awesome.

Dr Jayson Oates: Absolutely. Very comfortable discussing all of these sorts of things. This is the kind of things that they’re talking about every day.

Trish: Of course, yeah, totally. It’s … Sometimes I guess it can be uncomfortable, but if you’re talking to someone who’s talking about this sort of stuff every day, they’re comfortable. Don’t be scared to pick up the phone and book an appointment in, because that’s done all before.

Dr Jayson Oates: Absolutely.

Trish: Awesome, thanks Jayson! That’s been really great and really helpful.

Dr Jayson Oates: Lovely to speak to you again, Trish.

Trish: Yeah, you, too.

Dr Jayson Oates: I appreciate the opportunity.

Trish: Yeah, pleasure. And guys, always remember, there’s so many things out there that you could possibly get help with. But guys tend to as a natural thing, they pay less attention to their health, they go to doctors less and they just put up with stuff. So that’s just a little insight to stuff that might be available that you didn’t know about. So thanks so much, Dr. Oates. We’ll catch you later.

Dr Jayson Oates: Great. Talk to you again soon, Trish. Bye.

Trish: Thanks a lot. Bye.


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