Dr Jessica Wang

Dr Jessica Wang

Dr Jess Wang from Ocean Cosmetics in WA is a Member of the Cosmetic Physician College of Australia (CPCA), a general practitioner and cosmetic doctor. Passionate about non-surgical cosmetic medicine and helping patients with challenging skin conditions and issues, Dr Jess loves enhancing and rejuvenating their natural look. Highly regarded and loved by her patients, we wanted to find out more about the woman behind Ocean Cosmetics (OC).

The Holistic Approach

Dr Jess says she is passionate about medicine as much as nutrition and cosmetics. “I believe in a holistic approach to life and beauty. Natural beauty comes from inside out, and feeling well inside is as important as looking naturally good outside. Here at OC we are conservative and believe less is more. Looking natural and fresh is the goal.”

Dr Jess says her father’s passion in medicine and dentistry and his huge impact on his patients lives inspired Jess to be a doctor too. “I grew up in Taiwan until the age of 14, then moved to Santo Domingo for two years then migrated to Australia at age 16. I am multilingual, speak Mandarin and have increasing Chinese followers. I studied medicine at the University of NSW and first started practicing as a doctor in 1996.”

Dr Jessica WangJess tells us she loved her general practice and her patients, but in 2009 developed an interest in cosmetic dermatology. “Being a doctor in Australia you see many patients with skin that’s had too much exposure to our harsh sun. One of my favourite treatments still today is laser treatment for sun damaged skin.”

Well and truly on the road to the holistic approach and wanting to meet her patients needs, Jess also started environmental medicine and intravenous nutrient injectables in 2013. “I’ve had many milestones in my career, but this was definitely one of them.”

Dr Jessica Wang“The most rewarding part of my job is definitely making a difference in my patients’ lives. With all the media attention on the aesthetics industry lately I think it’s important for patients to make informed, consented decisions on their beauty treatments and procedures. Prioritise your concerns and find out all the educational information on those treatments.

“At Ocean Cosmetics, all our practitioners are are locally trained but regularly attend international conferences to update our knowledge and skills. I work with dermatologists who also travel worldwide for updated conferences and we have the latest techniques and treatments that give results.”

If you’d like more information on Dr Jess Wang or Ocean Cosmetics and the treatments they offer check out their listing, or phone them on (08) 6336 7250 to arrange a consultation or find out more.


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