PSH: We’re here today with Dr Kasen Somana who is a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon at Signature Dentistry in Toorak, Melbourne. Dr Somana is presenting today on an integrated approach and forming a connection between aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dentistry. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. So, you’re an advocate for the importance of an integrated approach to aesthetic medicine and the inclusion of Cosmetic Dentistry in that approach. As the different areas of aesthetic enhancements, like plastic surgery, non-surgical and the like are starting to become more integrated do you think that Cosmetic Dentistry is still not being included as it should when it comes to an all-inclusive approach?

Dr Somana: Yes, it’s on the sidelines and it really needs to come to the forefront. You know, you look at all the statistics out there and the sociological studies, and that’s what we’re presenting today, that from an appearance point of view the most striking feature that people remember is your smile. It’s not the fact that you’ve got wrinkles, or that your hair is a different colour, it’s your smile followed by your eyes. So, it has to be part of that integrated approach, and it has to be included in any sort of makeover. But it also allows for, not over treatment, but keeping minimal treatment for both dentistry and injectables or non-injectables, and surgical or non surgical projects to aesthetic medicine.

PSH: Yep, I totally agree with you because even if you look at someone it’s the first thing you notice is their smile. If someone’s got bad teeth, no amount of injectables is going to fix. And sometimes they might not be “bad teeth” but there might be little things you can do to actually make the whole face look a whole lot better.

Dr Somana: Yes, and that’s the key thing. We’ve seen some older patients or even younger or middle-aged patients that have had a lot of work done on them but when they smile, the smile gives it all up. So, they may be looking like they’re 30 but they’ve got the teeth of a 50 year old. And, it just doesn’t work. So we need to sort of get that together so it all looks quite natural and aesthetic.

PSH: Yeah, absolutely I agree. So what’s your vision for how it’s going to combine together, and how it would work?

Dr Somana: Look, my vision for the whole thing and what I hope for is that at the end of the day we’re all clinicians, we’ve all chosen this profession in the healthcare to benefit our patients’ lives. We’re all living longer, we’re working longer, so we need to enjoy as much as we can; our standard of living and quality of life along the way So, what we want to do is try and look at minimal intervention; we need early intervention, keeping all treatments to a minimum but getting the maximum result. That way, as life goes on we can just tweak and fine tune things. So you’re still looking good, ageing naturally but looking the best you can all through that.

PSH: Fantastic. Well, my mother always used to say to me keep your teeth amazing, brush them twice a day, because they’re the only one’s you’re going to get and you’re got to look after them, and it’s true. You know, if your teeth look and feel good, when you’ve been to the dentist, you feel good all over, so it’s the same thing.

Dr Somana: In fact, one of the slides we were giving today, is “Just what is a smile perceived as?” And it’s perceived that you are healthier, more intelligent, you have a higher social status, you are happier, as well as that they are even saying some studies show you have a better chance of getting a job.

PSH: Yeah, wow.

Dr Somana: So there are all these positives that come with it.

PSH: Yes, I totally agree. That’s great. Well, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and we’ll be putting out some more blogs on cosmetic dentistry which is a new section we’ve just introduced on the Plastic Surgery Hub so if you’ve got any questions just drop us an email and if you are in the Victoria area here is your man at Signature Dentistry in Toorak, Melbourne.


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