Dr Lisa Friederich

Dr Lisa Friederich

Dr Lisa Friederich, Plastic Surgeon, has recently joined Silkwood Medical in Bondi Junction, Sydney and will bring her expertise to their already impressive team. Dr Friederich not only performs most face and body cosmetic procedures, but is also known for specialising in gender reassignment surgery.

“Surgery is an art form”

We love Dr Friederich, not least because of her wonderful ability to understand what her patients want. Her background as an artist leads her to look at surgery as an art form and Dr Friederich strives for natural results that suit and enhance each patient individually. In fact, she was inspired to become a surgeon because “Surgery is problem oriented. You define the problem, consider the solution and then you fix it! It is procedure based and allows me to use my hands.

“Plastic surgery is different to other types of surgeries in that every case is unique, whether it be reconstructive or cosmetic in nature. By necessity it requires some thought and individualisation. Details and finesse are important and it enables me to incorporate my artistic background.”

Gender Reassignment Surgery

Gender Reassignment Surgery is on the rise. With advancements in technology, techniques and, of course, social acceptance of such procedures, Dr Friederich is helping patients to be more comfortable in the bodies they are in. Her caring nature combined with her artistic ability and surgical skill enables her to provide the life changing surgery that transgenders require. Some of the gender reassignment surgeries Dr Friederich performs are:

  • Mastectomy – complete removal of the breast for female to male transitions.
  • Chest Augmentation – for male to female patients
  • Facial Contouring – creating a more feminine or masculine appearance, depending on the patient.

Silkwood Medical

Silkwood Medical is also home to Dr Warwick Nettle and Dr Amira Sanki. Between all three surgeons, they cover just about every cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure you could ever want or need.

If you’d like more information on Dr Friederich check out the blogs below, or you can phone Silkwood Medical on 02 9387 3900 to arrange a consult.

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