Trish: Hi Dr. Levi, how are you?

Dr. Mark Levi: Good, Trish. Now we’re sitting here at my desk in my clinic. Dr. Mark Levi, Sleep Clinic, in Sydney CBD, and on the Central Coast in Sydney, and I’ve chosen, I’m going to interview you Trish, in relation to your sleep, so would that be okay?

Trish: That would be fine.

Dr. Mark Levi: Okay, so I’m the clinician, Dr. Mark Levi, Sleep Clinic Sydney, Central Coast. Trish, tell me about your sleep.

Trish: Okay, I find it very difficult to sleep, I basically sleep very little and pretty much every night I go to sleep I usually have to either take something or zonk myself out to actually get a decent amount of sleep, I don’t know if that’s because I’m premenopausal or apparently that’s because I’m a certain age or whatever, but I don’t get a full eight hours sleep ever.

Dr. Mark Levi: So number one, you sleep poorly, correct?

Trish: Yes.

Dr. Mark Levi: Okay, number two, how well does your partner, your sleeping partner, your partner, how well do they sleep?

Trish: He sleeps like an angel and he snores like a lion.

Dr. Mark Levi: Say that again, he what?

Trish: He sleeps like an angel, he’ll go to bed-

Dr. Mark Levi: And he snores like a what?

Trish: Like a lion.

Dr. Mark Levi: Your partner snores like a lion?

Trish: Yes.

Dr. Mark Levi: Okay let’s have a little moment there. So you sleep lousy number one, and number two, you’ve got a partner that’s making a chainsaw racket next to you.

Trish: Yeah, not every night, but yes.

Dr. Mark Levi: Snoring.

Trish: Yes.

Dr. Mark Levi: Okay. You know Trish, we see people like you, every single solitary day. I mean, you are just boring and dull, that is a major serious problem you know, that everybody struggles with. “Hey Doc, partner snores, I can’t sleep. Hey Doc I’m not sleeping well.” So, that’s when people come to see us Trish, and so you’re just a patient today. Today you’re not the interviewer, you’re the interviewee.

Trish: Great. Help!

Dr. Mark Levi: Help. So, what do we do to fix it? Let me tell you a couple of stories but keep it really simple. Is it okay if I keep this interview really, really simple Trish?

Trish: Yes.

Dr. Mark Levi: Okay. Number one, we see people who either snore, or sleep poorly, that’s number one. Number two, what do we do? We give them a sleep test machine to take home. So number two, so number one you’ve got a problem, snoring or poor sleep, number two, we give them a machine to take home that’s bulk billed, so it costs nothing, there’s no cost, and we take home … Hang on one sec Trish, I’m getting my machine Trish, we take home this machine Trish. Can you describe what that looks like Trish?

Trish: It looks almost like it’s a headband with a little hose attached to the top that’s a little oxygen mask, little oxygen hose for your nose.

Dr. Mark Levi: Does it look very scary at all?

Trish: No, not at all.

Dr. Mark Levi: Does it look like a big deal?

Trish: No, it’s just a little headband.

Dr. Mark Levi: Looks easy doesn’t it?

Trish: Yes.

Dr. Mark Levi: So, this was BANG Technology Trish, do you know how much that costs? $10,000 that cost me, sorry, sorry, sorry. That cost me, that’s a $10,000 piece of American technology. So step one is you don’t sleep very well, and you snore, there’s snoring. Number two, we send you home with a very expensive machine, at home, your own bed, with nil cost, to measure your sleeping. And that machine will tell us about five pages of data, it will tell us what time you slept, how long for, what side you slept on, left, right, stomach, back. It will tell us your REM sleep, your sleep waves, it’ll tell us your pulse, it’ll tell us your oxygen saturation, oh Trish, it gives us about five pages of data. Do you think that’s going to help understand what your problem is? You betcha.

Trish: Yep. Definitely.

Dr. Mark Levi: Do you agree?

Trish: Yep.

Dr. Mark Levi: And so, step two is, we send you home with that simple technology that you’ve looked at, and you bring it back the next day … And do you know the data for that Trish, do you know it goes all the way to America and back? It’s a really whizz bang. It goes by portal, by internet, and so about a week later we get you back Trish, and we have a chat you and I, face to face, and we go, “Right.” Hang on, I’m just getting another piece of paper for Trish, where’s my … When you come back in Trish, can you still hear me?

Trish: Yep.

Dr. Mark Levi: When you come back in I give you how many options Trish?

Trish: 15.

Dr. Mark Levi: 15 options Trish, to fix your problem. I’m not offering you just surgery, I’m not offering you a nose clip, I’m not offering you weight loss, I’m not offering you one, I’m not offering you a CPAP machine, which is pretty ugly. I’m not offering you a dental advice, there’s 15 ways to fix you, and that’s what differentiates us in the market place, because we work with about nine different sleep doctors, all with a different specialty, and we can offer you a lot of different ways to fix you Trish, lots of different ways, some of them are easy. The laser, we’ve got a brand … I’m getting excited now, I better not, I said this would be short.

Maybe we should do another interview Trish, and I’ll go through the main options we’ve got to fix people.

Trish: So basically, say for example, if my sleep is a result of one particular … You’re not selling me one thing, because that’s what you do. You’re actually offering me a solution with a combined, 15 different modalities that will actually work, or might work for me?

Dr. Mark Levi: Correct. We’ve got a smorgasbord on the table of … If you were doing make-up for someone, and you didn’t want … I’m a guy so hang on, maybe this is a bad analogy, but if you were doing make-up for someone, I’m sure you’ve got lots of things on the table you can use, is that correct?

Trish: Yeah.

Dr. Mark Levi: So, if you’re doing make-up for someone, you don’t just give them one bottle of something to use on their face, there’s lots of things on the table that you’ve got a choice of. In sleep, we’re not offering you one solution, we’ve got a whole smorgasbord we can choose from. And some of the technology, we’ve got a laser technology, that’s probably three years old on the world market, that just doesn’t carve, doesn’t hurt, doesn’t remove, that is the coolest technology.

I had to go to Florida in America to learn how to use that technology, I’m the only guy in Australia actually that’s been to Florida to learn from the expert. There’s other clever things we’ve got. I’m in America actually in 10 days time Trish, at a big sleep conference, and I shake my head, I scored myself, they rang me up and invited me to give a lecture this year.

Trish: Nice. So you know what you’re talking about?

Dr. Mark Levi: What did you say? So I know what I’m talking about yep. The Americans invited me over there to give a lecture, so I know what I’m talking about. And here’s the message, number one, because I said it would be short. Number one is, if you’ve got a sleeping problem, or a snoring problem, number one. Number two, we would send people home in our city office, or our Central Coast office, we would send them home with a no cost sleep test machine, in their own bed.

We get them back about a week later, and we have a chat about what the options are and what their real problem is, because some people just snore … If your car’s not working Trish, if your car’s not working, they don’t just change the battery, they don’t just, I don’t know, change your tyres, they work out what the problem is first. It’s the same here in sleep. We want to work out first of all, what your real problem is Trish, and second of all we’re going to give you some options. Not just one option, to say, “Hey, we can get it better for you.”

Do you know what? It’s a bit like a blood test. When was the last time you had a blood test Trish?

Trish: A couple of weeks ago.

Dr. Mark Levi: I rest my case. So, everybody should have a sleep test every three, four, five years. At home, no big deal. You’d be amazed what shows up, amazed.

Trish: So for those people who … Look, I’ve got a girlfriend who’s husband snores like a lion as well, and they went to see someone who was going to fix them, and they got whatever they got, and it didn’t work, and she said, “Oh it can’t be fixed.” So, that’s not going to happen?

Dr. Mark Levi: First of all that’s not going to happen, second of all … Again I’m choosing my medical words carefully okay? We’re not offering a one fix solution. One of the problems in Australia, is that when people are not happy about their snoring, or not happy about their sleep, a large percentage of people go to a professional person, well hopefully a professional person, or maybe they go to a clinic down the road, on the street, a retail clinic, and they get offered one solution, and that’s not fair and that’s not right. Then they get told … You know, we do testimonials, and so when I talk to a sleep patient, I get really excited Trish, really, really excited, because I pull out this testimonial, and I show them all the patients that have gone, “No one told me I could do this. No one told me I could do that.” And they go, “Gee, Dr. Levi, you’re a genius.” And I go, “Look, I’m not a genius, I’ve just been to a lot of conferences.”

One of the ones that I really get excited about is they go, “Oh, that dental mouth guard thing to stop snoring, oh I had one of those, they don’t work.”

Trish: Didn’t work, yeah.

Dr. Mark Levi: And I go, “Oh yeah? Who made it for you? Show it to me. What did you pay for it?” We see some awful stuff, awful stuff, and some of it’s actually been made, well some of it’s cheap, some of it’s expensive, but it hasn’t been made properly, or they haven’t got the instructions. Our claim to fame is that we’ve been to a lot of conferences, and that we know what we’re doing. We’re working with a lot of doctors, and here’s the point I make. Dr. Levi’s Sleep Clinic … Dr. Levi’s Sleep Clinic, is a cluster of about nine doctors, all with sleep after their name Trish, everybody’s got sleep after their name, and we’ve all got a specialty in something unique, if that makes sense. Different parts of the body.

So you wouldn’t want to go, if you were having your boobs done, you wouldn’t go to a foot man would you? So we’ve all got sleep specialty, we’re all specialists in our right, in some area of sleep. And so, step one is, they come with a problem, sleep or snoring. Number two we test them, and number three, we work out who they should talk to, whether it’s me, or one of my colleagues. We work with people that know what they’re doing, and the number of times we see people that have had something done that didn’t work, or badly made dental mouth guards or lasering that hurt them, or people that have spent money, a lot of money oh, I should start, you know what? I should start my testimonials with all those people, because it’s really train wreck stuff, it’s not okay.

Trish, if you’ve got people, maybe we should start with this and finish with this. Maybe I should glue this to the front of the lecture, the podcast. If you’ve got anybody out there with a sleeping or snoring problem, Trish’s website can help you.

Trish: Thank you so much.

Dr. Mark Levi: Trish, it’s always good to spend time with you. Anytime at all.

Trish: Thanks a lot.


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