The ENRICH Clinic is renowned for being one of the best in Melbourne. I caught up with Dr Michael Rich at the Non-Surgical Symposium on the Gold Coast last month to find out more. You can read the transcript of my chat with him, or listen to the podcast or check out the video on youTube.

Trish: I’m here today with Dr. Michael Rich from Armadale in Melbourne. We’re going to have a chat about his clinic, which is the ENRICH Clinic, offering surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Lovely.

Thank you for taking the time today.

Dr. Michael R.: It’s a pleasure.

Trish: Tell us about what you do there.

Dr. Michael R.: At the ENRICH Clinic, we really aim to treat each person as an individual. So many clinics offer one machine to try to … That’s all they have to offer and they try to pigeonhole everyone into one unit. In our clinic, we have, I think, more lasers and equipment than anyone in Australia. I only have doctors who inject, for example. I don’t have any nurses … And not that I’m criticising nurses, but I like the sort of standards that’s quite high. So we gear the treatment to the individual. And there’s no two people the same. So everyone needs different treatment.

You can even take it a step further than that. You can have somebody’s face, and what’s good for the left side is not good for the right side. So we may be using a laser, we might be using erbium laser on the left and CO2 on the right. The amount of filler we need on each side, the amount of muscle relaxation, the lasers we use for colour removal. For example, the new pico laser, which is the best laser ever developed for colour … I think we have the best pico in the world. It’s more powerful than the other one.

So we can treat pigmentation, if there’s sun damage more on the right, from driving on the right, where on the left, we may have to use a different type. So it’s really, the idea and principle of treatment is geared to the individual. Not sell a filler, not sell a machine. See what each individual needs.

Trish: A real personalised service. I know for a fact that you like to keep on the cutting edge of technology. So basically, you’ve got devices for everything from face through to body contouring a whole lot?

Dr. Michael R.: More than that. We have about three or four devices that contour, and I do a lot of liposuction, but not everyone wants a liposuction. For example, so I might have a very big thigh that needs a liposuction, but the chin we may use a freezing device with a skin tightening device. And then other areas like the jaw, we might just use deoxycholate injection to just dissolve it. So three different fatty areas get different treatments depending on that person’s individual needs, and I stress individual needs.

Trish: Yeah, but the real personalised service … The treatment that you receive is designed specifically for your needs at that time?

Dr. Michael R.: Absolutely. I think it’s a mistake done … And often people who aren’t used to treating people can make mistakes. They can pick the wrong device. For example, if someone’s got darker skin and you heat the skin, the upset the melanin cycle pigment and they’ll get worse, they’ll get darker. So you have to understand different skin types. For example, Asian patients are different than Indian patients are different than Caucasians. So we approach those differently. So it’s understanding of them.

Trish: Well thank you so much for taking the time today.

Dr. Michael R.: It’s a pleasure. Thank you.

Trish: Now if you’d like to go to the ENRICH clinic and find out where they are, you can drop as an email at, or you can actually just … on our search bar on their main menu on their website, just look up ENRICH clinic and you’ll find Dr. Rich’s clinic. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Dr. Michael R.: Thank you.

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