Trish Hammond: All right, well I’m here today with Dr. Richard Maxwell, who’s a specialist plastic surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery for Women based in Hawthorn. We’re going to have a talk today about body lifts and the fact that they’re becoming more popular, a little bit about them so just give me a bit of insight about them. Thank you for taking the time today.

Dr Richard Maxwell: You’re welcome.

Trish Hammond: You do a lot of body lifts, don’t you?

Dr Richard Maxwell: Yes, I do a lot of body lifting surgery. It’s my main interest these days.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, okay. Have you noticed there’s more of a demand for it. Who’s the best person that it’s for?

Dr Richard Maxwell: Yeah, there’s an increase in demand for it. I call it body contouring surgery after dramatic weight loss rather than body lifting. Body lifting is a bit confusing because in fact the lower body lifts, we’re lifting the back, but we’re actually pulling down the front. We do talk about lower body lift and upper body lift. The upper body lift includes the arm reductions, lateral chest reduction, and breast surgery in women and gynaecomastia in the men. Whereas, the lower body lift involves the tummy tuck, the posterior lateral lift of the back.

The interesting thing about the lower body lift is that it rejuvenates the butt incredibly well. Then you can augment this by taking fat from other areas and injection that, and that is fat grafting, in addition to the lift. Jennifer Lopez has single-handedly popularized the J-Lo butt, and it has become increasingly popular. Not only in dramatic weight loss situation, but I find I’m doing butt enlargements just in women who want a bigger buttock.

The butt lift so called, you can use implants as well as fat transfers. The advantage of fat transfer is it’s your own tissue, and once it’s taken then it feels quite normal. The problem with an implant is that there has to be an incision to put them in, they can be uncomfortable to sit on, and that there’s always the risk of infection. Butt lift surgery really been pioneered in South America, Brazilian plastic surgeons particularly. There’s definitely a swing away from implants to autologous fat transferring.

Trish Hammond: So basically what you do is you do the incision all the way around if you’re doing a body lift say for example.

Dr Richard Maxwell: A body lift, yeah.

Trish Hammond: So you do the incision all the way around, pull that down, kind of lift it up, and you suck fat out from somewhere else and inject it into the butt so it’s your own fat.

Dr Richard Maxwell: That’s exactly right. Interestingly, after the bariatric surgery, which is the surgery to produce the weight loss, patients still often have a lot of loose skin, they still have quite a lot of fat off them. You can suction that fat out and the actual body contouring surgery is best done after fat has been sucked out, it’s easier to do because you’ve got just an empty envelope. That fat rather than being thrown away can be used to augment the buttocks, but it can also be used to augment the breast. So you have an autologous breast enlargement without the cons and all the issues associated with implants.

Trish Hammond: Okay. Say for example if you’re a massive weight loss patient, you’ve had your bariatric surgery, you want to get your skin removed to tighten up, but you’ve got a flat butt, which seems to be really common as well. Come to you and you can do the body lift, and you can also make the butt look nice and round by using your own fat.

Dr Richard Maxwell: That’s correct.

Trish Hammond: That’s great.

Dr Richard Maxwell: The lift itself improves the look of the butt as well. Interestingly, the referrals for body lifting surgery tend to come from patients, patient to patient referral, rather than from general surgeons who don’t seem to realize that the job is only half finished when the patient has lost the weight.

Trish Hammond: That attracts a nice number for medicare too doesn’t I?

Dr Richard Maxwell: Yes ironically, the item number for tummy tuck, which used to apply for women who had children, has been removed. The item number has now been applied to dramatic weight loss situation, so if they’re insured they are covered for the surgery, which is a big bonus.

Trish Hammond: Right. Alright well thank you so much for taking this time.

Dr Richard Maxwell: You’re welcome.

Trish Hammond: If you’re after a body lift definitely come see doctor Richard Maxwell at Cosmetic Surgery for Women in Hawthorne. You’ll get a great job, I saw some photos last week, some before and afters at your presentation and they were just amazing so do it. Thank you.

Dr Richard Maxwell: Thank you.


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