Dr. Robin Chok, BMBS, FACCS

Still on the subject of the 9th National Laser & Cosmetic Medicine Conference we wanted to let you know about one of our favourite speakers Dr. Robin Chok, BMBS, FACCS.

From Lasertech Clinic in Adelaide, Dr. Robin Chok is a certified Cosmetic Surgeon with a Surgical Fellowship from the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS). Qualifying in medicine and surgery from Flinders University in South Australia, he subsequently underwent 5 years of formal surgical training with the Royal Australasian College of Surgery (RACS). Dr. Chok has extensive experience and training in Cardiothoracic, Plastic and Vascular surgery before he settled on his passion which is Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Chok specialises in surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation, Asian Rhinoplasty, Double Eyelid Blepharoplasty, Liposculpture and Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenation. Amongst his favourite procedure is Lip augmentation using long and short-term gel fillers.

His talk – Autologous PRP the right stuff for surgical and non-surgical tissue rejuvenation also combined with lasers at the 9th National Laser & Cosmetic Medicine Conference was on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and its many benefits. (For a definition of what Platelet Rich Plasma is exactly head to our article on PRP treatment here).

The PRP treatment also known as the “vampire facelift” was discussed by Dr. Chok who proved to be one of the best in the field when explaining his revamping of the vampire facelift.

Dr. Chok’s points on PRP

  • We are now in the age of true tissue rejuvenation
  • Blood is a very powerful elixir of life
  • PRP stimulates a supra-physiologic release of platelet derived growth factors to jump start repair and rejuvenation of tissue

The vampire facelift was developed and popularized by Dr Charles Runels from the USA as Vampire Face Lift takes PRP beyond just skin rejuvenation.

The vampire facelift combines the strengths of SMAS facelift with non-surgical facelift rejuvenation. The SMAS (sub-muscular aponeurotic system) is a layer of tissue that covers, surrounds and attaches to the deeper tissues and structures of the face and neck. SMAS facelift pulls up all parts of the lower face, including the vertical lines around the mouth and tightening the neck.

We can’t fill you in on all his secrets but we highly recommend Dr. Chok’s services. If you are in Adelaide or can travel that way for his treatments then get in contact at http://drrobinchokcosmeticsurgeon.com/


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