Dr Robin Willcourt MBBS, FRANZCOG, FACOG, FACSM (plus all American equals)

On November 16-17th Plastic Surgery Hub had the privilege of attending the 9th National Laser and Medicine Conference of 2013.

For eight consecutive years the National Laser and Cosmetic Medicine Conference (LCMC) has been providing medical professionals and cosmetic technicians with the knowledge and skills to assist them in keeping up to date with this rapidly expanding area of medicine.

If you were unable to get to the conference never fear because coming up we have published some of our notes on our favourite speakers.

First up Dr. Robin Willcourt is the Director of EpigenX Integrated Medicine. He is an expert in hormone restoration and sports nutrition, whose professional opinion has made it into a number of professional papers and national TV shows.

You may recall him from his appearance on such shows as “The 7:30 Report” (ABC) and on his evaluations of Essendon’s Steve Dank and Dean Robinson and his suggestions and opinions on sports supplements and the use of testosterone and other hormones to help heal recovering athletes.

He is a Registered Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Australia and the United States as well as a Member of The American College of Sports Medicine.

His practice in anti-aging medicine is tied to hormonal and physiological changes that deal with women and men and his expertise in maternal and fetal physiology has culminated in a unique understanding of the changes that occur in humans as the decades go by.

He has many awards, the first of which was winning the Australian Medical Association Prize in Medicine in 1971, and from there many others including research about the hidden world of the fetus.

Our first impression of Dr. Robin Willcourt was his incredibly fit and healthy physique; as soon as we found out he was in his 60’s, we sat straight up and wanted to know his secret!

His talk at the 9th National Laser and Medicine Conference consisted of his work on anti-aging, diet and exercise.

This invigorating talk explored the value of the best anti-aging medicine as exercise and diet.

Without being able to fill you in on the complete invigorating talk… here are some tips that we can sneak to you…

  • Reduce calories you will live longer
  • GHRELIN is a hormone only produced in a state of hunger & fasting
    (Creates neuroplasticity, heals the body and prepares you for vigorous exercise: every time we eat it turns off! To boot, it’s anti-inflammatory)
  • The body that has to deal with less food processing is able to perform other housekeeping duties
  • The inclusion of protein & carbohydrate into the muscles is different between men and women
  • The effects of diet & exercise cannot be separated
  • People who are overweight have a higher rate of cancer
  • For women estrogen is important, helps women burn fat
  • But he did mention that running marathons is a great way to die early. So perhaps it is best to keep in mind that too much exercise is not a good thing

Dr. Robin Willcourt left us with these interesting findings;

A small pilot study shows for the first time that changes in diet, exercise, stress management and social support may result in longer telomeres, the parts of the chromosome that affect ageing.

It is the first controlled trial to show that any intervention might lengthen telomeres over time.

If you would like any further information on Dr. Robin Willcourt visit www.eimc.com.au

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