Trish Hammond: Well, I’m here today with Dr. Sanjay Mohindra. He works from the Coolangatta Cosmetic Clinic in Coolangatta, southeast Queensland. We are going to have a bit of a chat about a device that’s on the market now that he’s been having great success with, so thank you so much for joining us today, Dr. Mohindra.

Dr. Mohindra: Thank you, Trish. Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be talking about the successful product we have and I’m here to help in anyway I can.

Trish Hammond: Lovely. Thank you. Tell us, I’ve been looking at the before and after pictures of some fantastic results and we’ve spoken to patients with some fantastic results that you’ve been having with the Ultraformer device, which is a new procedure, treatment, whatever you want to call it; that’s a laser treatment, or sorry, HIFU treatment, that’s just come onto the market. Can you tell us a little bit about the treatment, first off. Thank you.

Dr. Mohindra: Sure. The Ultraformer is called HIFU, which is High Intensity Ultrasound waves, which mainly focused on the target areas. This is heat technology, which has been used. What we do with this is it’s a non-surgical, non-invasive way of skin tightening and we can work on areas where surgery can’t achieve the similar results. Most of the time the target areas we use are mainly on the face, but we have got the provision we can do on the other parts of the body too like skin tightening on the arms, on the tummy. Ladies who’ve had childbirth and the skin is loose, we can improve that, so it has a very successful nearly painless treatment and the results are visible immediately. The treatment keeps working for the next three months, so you keep improving the skin tightening and the texture over the next three months.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so say for example, myself. I’m the perfect demographic for here. Just over 50, I started to get a little bit of the turkey neck happening and I’m not ready for surgery. I don’t even know if I want to have surgery, but it really bothers me that I’ve got this little turkey neck, so that’s the perfect target area for the Ultraformer?

Dr. Mohindra: Absolutely. We have got amazing results with just one treatment and the turkey neck, or double chin basically disappears and straightaway, you get 20-30% results straightaway and given three months, you will get nearly 100% results. Of course, it depends on the level of sag you have got over there, but it makes a marked improvement, especially angle of the mouth, the double chin. You get amazing results over there.

Trish Hammond: Okay and tell me is it just a one-off treatment, or do you have to have a series of treatments?

Dr. Mohindra: Normally, it is a one-off treatment, which will keep working for three months. We recommend not to have another treatment for six months, but if someone wants further improvement, it can be done again, but most of the time, as we age again, the [inaudible 00:03:18] could come on, which could be a year, two years, three years, depending person to person and it could be repeated again. Yes, to answer the question, one-off treatment is normally enough, but if you need to have further improvement, you can have another one after six months.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so does it hurt? Have you felt the treatment yourself? Does it actually hurt?

Dr. Mohindra: I have had the treatment myself. It’s slight discomfort. It’s feels like little bit tingling sensation when you do the treatment. Eight out of ten people do not complain, but occasional person finds it a little bit unpleasant, but obviously it is not for long. It is only for a short period of time and you have a little bit sensitive area for a week or so. When I say sensitive, when you touch it, it feels like a little tingle, but besides that, there is nothing to be…complain about.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so…like I know that it’s HIFU, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, but how does it actually work to tighten the skin? Can you explain that just in English rather than medical?

Dr. Mohindra: It is called HIFU, which is High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound, so basically what it does is it works on the target area. It works on the collagen. It causes the heat factor, the ultrasound waves causes coagulation of the collagen, which causes tightening of the, as a result causes contracting of the collagen, so you see immediate contraction there. Besides that, it stimulates the fibroblast, which are basically felt when forming the collagen. You get further collagen fibres forming and tightening, so that is why you keep getting the results on for three months. That’s a basic principle, so literally, we use different duct heads when we do the treatment, so we go to bottom of the layer of the skin and then we go to mid-layer into the epidermis, so basically you’re making it work on all three different levels. All the different levels of skin layers, so that’s how you get the amazing results.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so I’m looking at the most, one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen of an older lady, on your website. She’s obviously had it done around, I don’t know if she was a smoker, but she’s obviously got those really quite heavy etched smoking lines on her top upper lip and also, the drag around the side of the jowls where the skin starts to crepe and get all jowly. Then I’ve looked at her after photo and I’m totally blown away. I’m just wondering, is that one procedure, or you do it all at once, or is that a few different areas? How’s that one work specifically because that’s a remarkable result. I’m just blown away by that result.

Dr. Mohindra: We can do all areas in one treatment. It’s not a problem. It just depends how much person has got time. Yes, it is one treatment. We can cover, we can go on the upper lip, lower lip, go around the jowls, and the angle of the mandible. These are the most common areas and just…as the neck just below the angle of the mouth, so it all can be done in one treatment. We do divide it into different sections as for the people who want to spread it out. It can be given all as one treatment, yeah.

Trish Hammond: Alright, so how long does a treatment or an area, how long does it take time-wise?

Dr. Mohindra: On average, it takes about anywhere 30-50 minutes depending on by the time we explain the procedure, get the person prepared. I would say at least three quarters of an hour would be minimum time it takes to do one treatment.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so when you say one treatment is that just one area, or just one whole session with a person? If I wanted my lips and my jowls done is that one treatment, or one area? I know that sometimes, there’s one area as opposed to one treatment.

Dr. Mohindra: Well, it is normally…Yeah, one area basically we divide the jowls and the chin as one area and then, if you want to do the lips, or the eyebrow lift, that counts as a separate area. On average, when we’re doing one after another, obviously the time factor gets reduced, but yeah, on average for one part of the face, if you’re doing it takes at least 40 minutes to do one part. If you’re combining all together, you could get within an hour, hour and a half, you know, depending on what areas we are doing.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so, basically depending on how much you want done, it depends how long the treatments going to take, but it averages around about 25-50 minutes for one treatment and then, if you wanted more than one area, it’d be a little bit longer.

Dr. Mohindra: That’s correct.

Trish Hammond: Okay, great. I also wanted to ask you the affordability of it. Is it an expensive treatment? Can you give me a rough idea what someone would be looking at to have a treatment done. Me, for example, my neck. I’m really keen to get my neck done. Can you give me a rough estimate of what that would cost for the one treatment?

Dr. Mohindra: Sure. The treatments are divided into different sections, so normally on average, we charge, cost is about $1,200. A treatment, what we do promotion at the moment, it’s about $800, but when we combine, if someone is doing the chin, the jowls, and then, the neck, we do a special where it’s about $1,400 for two areas. If you’re doing multiple areas we obviously will discount it because time factor. Let’s say you don’t have to explain all that procedure again. You don’t have to get all that together again, so we do combine the treatments and make it more cost [inaudible 00:09:13].

Trish Hammond: Okay, of course.

Dr. Mohindra: On average, I would say about $800 an area as a rough guide.

Trish Hammond: Okay, great, so for around about the $1,500 mark, I could get my lips, my jowls, and my neck done basically. A double treatment roughly.

Dr. Mohindra: Yeah, definitely, yeah.

Trish Hammond: Alright. Awesome. Well, I think I’m going to have to ring that book in, but thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today.

Dr Mohindra: Just while you’re talking we do have another machine which we use for non surgical liposuction, which is Cooltech. That’s more for body sculpting. People we treat without Ultraformer we do provide that facility, so that areas that need a bit of fat phasing we do that with that and then do the Ultraformer after that.

Trish Hammond: So, you can combine it with another treatment? Say for example, if you got too much … you need fat freezing as well as skin tightening, you can get the two treatments done at once? One is called Cooltech, which is the freezing, fat freezing and the other one is the other one is the Ultraformer, which is the skin tightening?

Dr Mohindra: That’s correct. The fat freezing one basically, the principal of that is we bring the temperature down of the fat cells to -8 degrees so the fat cells get frozen and they die. Then the body close it out. Within three months you loose that layer of fat. Then if the skin is loose then we can do the Ultraformer and tighten that area as well. The result you get literally a perfect result.

Trish Hammond: Great, so do it all at once?

Dr Mohindra: Yeah. Like several people have a massive double chin, which need a lot of removal of the fat, as compared to simply tightening. Or there we’ve got a special piece we can use on the chin and get rid of that fat. Then we can tighten it. Then you get literally amazing result.

Trish Hammond: Well that sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to have a talk to us today.

Dr Mohindra: Than you again and thank you for having me. It was a pleasure.

Trish Hammond: No problems. If for you readers out there … listener out there, if you’re like me and you’re seriously contemplating having this done, you can have your bit of fat freezing or you can have the skin tightening with cosmetic … Coolangatta Cosmetic Clinic based in Coolangatta. We talked to Mohindra. Just drop us an email at and we’ll put you in touch. Thank you so much.


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