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Dr Scott Turner, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon based in Dee Why and Newcastle, NSW offers the Skin Atelier Medispa. Skin Therapist Ivana Ben has returned due to popular patient demand. She consults from Dee Why on Monday & Thursday and her Balgowlah Clinic Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays. Dr Turner’s newly appointed, state of the art facilities in their Dee Why practice are luxurious and host the newest technology.

Janelle, Steph and Emily are known for their individualised patient service and are able to tailor specific skin care and rejuvenation programs for each client so they get the results they want.

We spoke to Janelle to ask her some questions as to what treatments they have in the Medispa and why we should book in for a consultation.

PSH: What range of non-surgical treatments do you offer at the MediSpa?

Janelle: Skin assessment/consultation, photo-rejuvenation (with IPL), chemical peels and light peels, customised skin treatments and facials, microdermabrasion, , injectables, Fillers and Trusculpting..

PSH: What are your favourites/most popular treatments and why?

Janelle: Most popular are correction of skin imperfections such as pigmentation, rosacea, acne and wrinkles with chemical skin peels. Another very popular procedure is injectables (such as fillers & Anti-Wrinkle Injections) to target loss of volume in lips and cheek areas and also unwanted wrinkles. We are currently working with Aspect Dr. and Cosmedix cosmeceutical skin care which I find patients love because they are effective, beautiful products and are affordable for all patients.

I personally have a huge passion for skin health, so any facial or treatment concerning the dermis I could do all day – also another rewarding journey for both the patient and myself.

PSH:  how important iis our role with Dr Scott Turner’s clinic offering the non-surgical treatments?

Dr Turner and I have a great rapport. He understands my passion for patient care and good skin health. The importance of my role in Dr Turner’s practice offering non surgical treatments complements our patients’ journey within our practice. It not only gives them options as to what approach may suit them best but also the Skin Atelier Medispa is a place where they can have long-term skin and body care without having to look elsewhere. This is where they can build a long-term professional relationship with the Medispa.

If you’d more information check out their listing, or if you’d like to arrange a consultation with Ivana or Dr Scott Turner give them a call on 1300 437 758.

Dr Scott Turner - Skin Atelier

Dr Scott Turner

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