Trish Hammond: I’m here today at the Cutera University. The lovely Dr Yohei Tanaka from Japan, he’s a plastic surgeon, and we’re going to talk about the Titan, which is a skin-tightening device that he has great success with, and so we’re going to have a little bit of a chat about why and what he loves about it. Thank you so much for taking the time today.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Thank you very much.

Trish Hammond: So, I watched your presentation yesterday, and I know that you use a Titan a lot. I saw some fantastic photos of before and after. What is it about the Titan that you love for skin tightening?

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Why? Because Titan has so many application. It has much potential and it would be great for me to proceed my research regarding photobiology, meaning for it, it has much potential.

Trish Hammond: Okay. What makes it so good?

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Titan has so unique wavelengths of near infrared. Water-filtered and broad spectrum, the infrared, so we have to figure that out, 1400s to 1500s, because these wavelengths are we are in this pain heat sensation to our skin, so Titan can filter out using water filter and Titan with it’s energy, we would be deeper in the tissue.

Trish Hammond: Say, for example, if I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’ve got skin here, is the Titan good for that?

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Will be. Will be very, very good.

Trish Hammond: Because you’re a plastic surgeon, and of course if someone’s got really loose skin you operate, but when would … Like, if someone didn’t want to have surgery.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Oh, we can treat these circumstances by operations and by Titan, but Titan treatment will take longer than operation.

Trish Hammond: Oh, okay.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: If you are too busy to come often to the clinic, operation might be better, but you don’t want aggressive procedure to improve your look.

Trish Hammond: Right, so if you want less aggressive, you might try the Titan. If you need it to be quick and now, you might want operation.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Yes. Operation, yes.

Trish Hammond: The same thing for the belly? Because I saw some great photos which will show up here for you now, but I saw some great photos of the abdomen area where it had been treated with a Titan, which was really good for skin tightening.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Yes.

Trish Hammond: How many treatments does it take?

Dr Yohei Tanaka: It depends on individuals, but several times will be very, very good.

Trish Hammond: Okay, so a couple of treatments. Maybe two.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Not once.

Trish Hammond: Okay. Definite once, but maybe two. Maybe three.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: It’s up to you.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, of course. How tight you want it.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Yes.

Trish Hammond: How tight do you want it? Okay. I’ll be there 12 times.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Maybe.

Trish Hammond: Alright, well thank you so much for taking the time today.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Trish Hammond: If you’re looking at having some skin tightening done and you haven’t looked at the Titan by Cutera, it might be worth a look, and of course if you want to have it done in Japan, Dr. Tanaka can do it for you. Just drop us an email, or click on the link below the video. Thank you so much.

Dr Yohei Tanaka: Thank you very much.

If you’d like more information on Dr Tanaka you can head to his website


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