Most women dream of the perfect wedding, where you look and feel absolutely amazing. It takes months (if not years!) of planning and we all want it to be a day we cherish forever and look at the photos years down the track and remember how beautiful we were and how magical the day was. Whilst it’s always been tradition for the bride (and bridesmaids) to get pampered before the wedding, perhaps at a spa having a massage, wraps or whole body exfoliation, with all the cosmetic treatments available nowadays, this has been stepped up a notch. We talk to Dr Mark McGovern from the VIE Institute, who says there has been a big increase over the last few years in ladies coming to see him for treatments in preparation for their big day.

Glowing Skin

Good skin really can’t be underestimated. When someone has gorgeous, glowing skin, they really are more beautiful. Dr McGovern says, “Preparing your skin for that special day should be a high priority. We have a range of specialised medical grade skin products and a fabulous range of skin peels. We also have a dedicated Skin Specialise, Michelle Beitsch-Cook, who will whip your skin into shape. Make sure you start planning your skin regime as early as possible, preferably three months prior to your wedding, for optimal results.”

Get Rid of the Wrinkles

Sometimes, no matter how many skin peels, exfoliation and moisturising you give your face, you can’t get rid of sneaky little lines and wrinkles that appear in all of us to varying degrees as we age. However, there is a solution, and more and more brides are seeking it! Dr McGovern tells us that Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments are also extremely popular prewedding procedures. No one wants wrinkles in their wedding photos! If you have never tried anti-wrinkle injections then a trial run a few months before your wedding will show you just how fabulous you can look without those lines. Fillers can also be used to remove dark circles under the eye area. We have the awesome Danielle at VIE who specialises in vascular laser which addresses broken capillaries and red spots etc, as well as Laser Genesis treatments which improve skin texture – perfect pre-wedding.”

Luscious Lips

One of the focal points of any wedding is the first kiss as a married couple that will seal the deal. Having deliciously divine lips can also give you that little subtle boost in your appearance that makes you feel extra special. Dr McGovern says that the most popular pre-wedding treatment is lip enhancement using dermal fillers! “This procedure is quick and simple, however can cause some bruising so we would recommend having this performed about three weeks prior to your wedding.”

Hair Be Gone!

Of course, many of us wouldn’t forget to shave or wax prior to our wedding, however who wants to worry about dehairing on the honeymoon? Whilst laser is not suitable for everyone (ask your practitioner if it will be right for you), it is an option that might take away the added stress of shaving, plucking or waxing making you confidently smooth for your special day. Jade at VIE Institute is the Laser Hair Specialist and is renowned for being one of the best.

Dr McGovern and VIE Institute are one of Queensland’s most experienced cosmetic teams and really know their stuff when it comes to all things beauty, whether it be surgical or non-invasive treatments. The best thing is, that if you don’t live on the Sunshine Coast, they will help you organise your holiday if you choose to have your treatment with them. We think that would be a perfect hen’s weekend away! If you’d like more information on Dr McGovern or the VIE Institute click here, or email


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