Last month Tara and Dale from DBS Dermatude in Byron Bay headed for Amsterdam for the 3rd annual Dermatude Dealers Meeting.

With Dermatude now active in 34 countries, Tara and Dale say, “It was great to meet and catch up with fellow distributors from places such as Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, USA, UK and more”.

Five years ago Dermatude introduced Meta Therapy as a safe, extremely effective anti-aging treatment. The major benefits of Meta Therapy are that a digital handpiece is used so that the speed and depth of the micro perforations can be controlled; and that there are 4 types of active serums – called subjectables – which are delivered directly to the skin’s basal layer to stimulate and regenerate the skin by activating collagen and elastin production. For salons and therapists Meta Therapy is a fast, low cost / high return treatment making a real mark on the anti-aging market. For clients, Meta Therapy provides a natural skin rejuvenation treatment with immediate visible results that is virtually pain free and has no down time.

New for 2016!

Tara and Dale say that as well as reviewing the success of Dermatude so far and planning next year’s marketing and sales strategies they were given an insight into the new Special Care products for 2016. We are lucky enough that they let us in on some of them to keep an eye out for:

  • Pepex Eye Boost – with hyaluronic and peptides to boost and refresh the eye area
  • Perfect Skin CC Anti Redness Cream – equalises skin immediately after Meta Therapy treatment
  • Perfect Skin Bur Cream – to create an even base and fill lines
  • Multi Defense SPF 30 – softens and hydrates while protecting skin

Tara and Dale also had this to say about their Amsterdam trip, “These great new products will further enhance the Dermatude range of cleansers, lotions, skin creams and enzymatic peels and will be available in the 2nd quarter of 2016. We also saw two new products that are so exciting we can’t even tell you about them yet! Stay tuned for more info!”

For more information and product demos contact Tara Simms on 0466 727 629 or


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