Trish: I’m here today with Paul McGee from High Tech Laser. He’s going to give us a quick run down on PRP which is Platelet Rich Plasma, which seems to be the latest and greatest product for us in anti ageing and just rejuvenating skin.

I’m really excited about this product because it’s absolutely taking the world by storm. Paul, tell us a little bit about the EmCyte and what PRP is and what it’s good for.

Paul: Yeah, so there’s a lot of buzz around regenerative medicine these days, and with good reasons. It’s technology where the body does the work, so it appeals very much to people who want a natural look, a natural improvement, because it’s the body that’s actually doing the regenerative work.

So, what we do is, we use something to stimulate that tissue regeneration that exists within the skin. PRP is actually concentrating the elements of your blood that will trigger that regeneration. PRP is actually an abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma.

Essentially what we do is we take sample blood, spin it down to get rid of the red blood cells, because the red blood cells we don’t use. They don’t participate in this at all, and actually positively don’t want them because they tend to stain the skin.

So that leaves us with the plasma, with the platelets and the other nutrients as well as the monocytes in there. Then, we concentrate those with the use of a different tube. That gives us a baseline concentration of platelets that’s typically five to seven times the patient’s normal baseline.

It’s injected just usually under the dermis. It’s a little bit uncomfortable but it’s worth it because the results are quite exceptional.

Trish: Basically, taking your own blood, it’s going through the centrifuge; it’s going back into your own body, and it’s activating your own tissue to regenerate and hence you get that regenerated look?

Paul: Yeah, and the skin regains its clarity. You get a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. You get really good clarity in the skin. The tone evens out and the skin just looks younger. It’s very difficult to work out why and what’s happened.

Trish: Sure, I actually know someone who got it, who has this procedure done all the time and she looks amazing. I always knew she wasn’t using anything but I didn’t know what it was. This is it. This is what it will take.

Paul: Yeah.

Trish: Look, if you’re looking for something a little bit different and Platelet Rich Plasma could be the option for you, so drop us a line at or give us a call. Thanks Paul.


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