There are a few many reasons why the enCurve body contouring treatment is a great winter treatment. Firstly, enCurve works by killing fat cells through heat. Anything to do with heating the body up has got to be good in winter, right? Secondly, enCurve results can continue to take effect for the weeks and months following treatments, so if you’re looking to shape your body in time for those Spring Flings and Spring Racing dresses, the enCurve is the perfect treatment for you.

How does radio frequency body contouring work?

enCurve works by using radio frequency to heat fat cells to the point where they actually pop – yes, POP! – and go through a process called apoptosis where the cells die immediately and are gently and gradually removed through the body’s natural metabolism process. It’s a gentle heating process which uses a specialised frequency to selectively and precisely target the adipocytes or fat cells with little to no discomfort while protecting the dermis and epidermis. It destroys the fat cell layers layer by layer, starting with the deepest layer moving to the outer layer. The fat cells are forced into a cell elimination process, apoptosis, where it breaks down, becomes liquefied, and the body absorbs it into the liver where it is detoxified through the body naturally.

The enCurve procedure is described as a relaxing, comfortable procedure where you feel a slight warming of your skin in the areas being treated. The enCurve never goes above 45 degrees so there is no risk of burning or heating to the point where it’s uncomfortable. It is recommended that to achieve the best results from an enCurve treatment you should have between 4 – 6 sessions at weekly intervals to obtain results.

encurve perfect winter treatment

Why do enCurve results continue to show over time?

The enCurve is designed to easily treat the entire abdomen and waistline simultaneously for more natural results and full coverage as well as treat the thighs and arms. The fat cell death that occurs through an enCurve treatment is instant but patients typically start to see results after the second session. The treatment time is generally between 30 to 60 minutes, and four to six treatments are recommended every one to two weeks for optimal results. Invest the time in winter and you will be glad you did when you pull out that super sexy dress in time for the spring racing carnival.

Combining enCurve with Healite II

Many practitioners and patients are recognising the benefits of combining their surgical and non-surgical treatments with a Healite II treatment – an LED (l low level light therapy) treatment. The Healite II helps to prepare your skin cells for your treatment and also helps them to recover afterwards. Combining enCurve with Healite II is a well recognised treatment combination achieving amazing results for patients.

Dr Robin Chok, Cosmetic Surgeon from Adelaide in South Australia says,We can treat multiple areas with the enCurve, for example, abdomen, flanks, thighs, arms and buttocks. Patients are loving the treatment as they have some time out to relax, while the machine does the work for them. Our patients are seeing changes in their shape, and are able to wear clothes in a smaller size due to the volume loss. They also notice the texture and tone of the skin has improved. Overall, they are feeling more confident within themselves and their appearance.”

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