Dr Lionel Chang

Dr Lionel Chang

Asian men and women have distinct and beautiful looks. More commonly, individuals prefer to enhance their appearance through various procedures and surgeries – either as corrective or to improve their beauty. For Asians, common areas for enhancement are their eyes. While living in Chengdu a few years ago, Dr Chang noticed most of his colleagues wanted fuller or larger eyes. With the emergence of celebrities in Asian countries, specifically south Korea, where beauty enhancements such as blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery are part of the pop culture, it is not uncommon to see a spike in demand for plastic surgery.

Blepharoplasty is the specialised surgical procedure of removing excess skin and fat in the upper and/or the lower eyelids. Individuals who subject themselves to this procedure have varied reasons in mind why they do it. Generally, individuals undergo blepharoplasty because they want to enhance their looks. Secondly, as people age, the upper and lower eyelids start to sag or droop over the eyes, which may cause blurred vision, a condition that may also be apparent even at an early age for some. Thus, people who fall under this Asian Blepharoplastycategory want to have this surgical enhancement done to improve their vision. Thirdly, blepharoplasty can take away a few years and make you look a lot younger than your actual age with the removal of the sagging skin.

As the demand rises, more and more beauty enhancement surgeons have started performing blepharoplasty. One of the most notable and well-skilled specialists in Asian blepharoplasty is Dr Lionel Chang.

Dr Lionel Chang has acquired and mastered the art of aesthetic blepharoplasty through years and years of constant learning, performing the surgery and improving his knowledge; placing him at the forefront and making him one of the best in Asian blepharoplasty. Being an Asian himself with a Chinese lineage, Dr Chang understands the need of his patients undergoing the surgery, and has familiarised himself with the procedures involved in order to achieve the patient’s needs.

With the aid of technological advancement in medical aesthetics, achieving a more beautiful Asian look lies in the skilful hands and expertise of Dr Lionel Chang – the authority in Asian blepharoplasty.


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