Dr George Marcells is renowned for being a Master of Rhinoplasty and is one of Australia’s leading surgeons for the Deep Plane Facelift, but he is also a big believer in non-surgical treatments to enhance the results of any surgery. Like many surgeons around the country now offering non-surgical treatments to complement their surgical procedures, Dr Marcells’ clinic includes LED light and energy based treatments and he chatted to us about why they should be considered an important part of any plastic and cosmetic surgery journey.

Preparing the skin for surgery

Real patient results with a mask peel at Dr George Marcells’ clinic

It is well known that for any facial surgery it is best to have your skin in optimum condition before undergoing the procedure. Whether it’s a facelift, neck lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty or any other procedure, having healthy skin that looks its best is going to enhance the results of any surgery. While a healthy diet and a good skincare regime is also important, non-surgical treatments such as LED light can also help a great deal. Dr Marcells tells us why. “LED light has varying wavelengths of electromagnetic light that can stimulate several health benefits for the skin not only allowing it to heal better after any surgical procedure but to improve its elasticity, improve skin tone and clarity (not able to be achieved by surgery), increase hydration and stimulating the body’s immune response which all contribute to a beautiful final result. ”

Why Fillers as well as surgery?

Dr Marcells’ clinic can help treat a range of skin conditions including acne

While a well executed facelift or necklift can’t be compared to non-surgical treatments, an aesthetic result achieved through surgery can be enhanced with strategically located fillers. Dr Marcells explains. “While a facelift or necklift can improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging muscles, sometimes combining this with non-surgical fillers will create a better profile. Any procedure that enhances the volume of the face or body falls within the sphere of volume augmentation. Volume augmentation is possible through both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Methods of volumising include implants, flaps, fat transfer and injectable fillers. They are useful for treating the wrinkles and larger lines that occur with facial ageing, augmenting soft tissue (as in the lips), filling up deep lines (like the nasolabial folds) or augment the facial bone structure.”

Dr Marcells offers several other non-surgical treatments in his clinic including:

  • Anti-Wrinkle Injections
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Micro-peels
  • Photo-rejuvenation
  • Muscle-relaxants
  • Volume Augmentation

If you’d like more information on Dr George Marcells or to see his amazing before and after photos check out his website, or phone his clinic on 1300 555 095.


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