Trish: I’m here today with Dr Jeffrey Hsu and he’s actually a specialist dermatologist from Chicago and we’re going to have a bit of a chat about the Pico technology from Cutera for skin rejuvenation ‘cause what I thought was that it was a tattoo removal machine, but it’s actually a whole lot more, so thank you for taking the time.

Dr Hsu: Thank you for being here.

Trish: So tell us about it, I’m really excited, the fact that you can get rejuvenated with the same.

Dr Hsu: Absolutely. This device was originally developed as the premier tattoo removal device. But over time as we came to understand the laser and tissue interaction, we understand it now it’s a very, very powerful skin rejuvenation device as well. The best thing about is that even with just one or two treatments, with zero down time and remarkably, zero pain, we can change the complexion, change the skin tone and change the texture all in one sitting, and that occurs whether you are light-skinned or Asian skin, or darker skin tone. Works on everybody.

Trish: Okay, so basically if I’m feeling like I need a bit of … like my skin’s not feeling good or I just want a bit of a jooj up kind of thing, so rejuvenation, in what way? Like, does it just take off a layer of skin or what does it do?

Dr Hsu: That used to be the paradigm, people used to have to go through this very aggressive ablation where you rip off the entire layer of skin in order to reveal that baby skin underneath. But now with this new technology… because the beams of light and laser beams are so, so short, they actually penetrate all the way down to your skin and cause little tiny shock waves, and there’s no disruption to the top layer of your skin at all. So there’s no sloughing off the skin, there’s no scarring, there’s no bleeding, but even with that after one week, people realise number one, the brown spot’s going to be gone, number two, the pore size is getting smaller, and number three the entire skin just glows and this is all done, again, with no pain.

Trish: So say for example I wanted my whole neck or my face done, would you do the neck as well or?

Dr Hsu: You can, you can. So, the face is number one place that people look at, but I can do that for the face, for the neck and importantly for the back of the hands as well.

Trish: Oh the back of the hands as well. So how long would a treatment take and would it hurt?

Dr Hsu: So the treatments only takes about 15 minutes.

Trish: Yes, it’s my kind of treatment.

Dr Hsu: Yeah, in and out, really truly a lunchtime treatment. Afterwards you’re just a little tiny red for about an hour. There’s no pain. Feels like a tiny, tiny little pokes on the skin… that gets a little annoying, but not to a degree that anybody complains of the pain.

Trish: All right. So there’s no real downtime.

Dr Hsu: No. Zero downtime.

Trish: So can you put makeup on afterwards or you should leave it for…?

Dr Hsu: You can put your makeup on immediately afterward, because there’s no disruption of the skin at all.

Trish: Oh great, that sounds good, I’m going to get this one.

Dr Hsu: Give it a try.

Trish: Alright well thank you so much for taking the time today.

Dr Hsu: You’re very welcome. You’re very welcome.

Trish: So if you’re interested in some skin rejuvenation like next level and you want to find out who’s got the enLighten device, the Pico device for that treatment, just drop us an email at or click on the link for the latest video. Thank you.

Dr Hsu: Thank you for being here.

If you’d like to find an Australian practitioner who has the enLighten device in their clinic click here.


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