Vaginal tightness and urinary incontinence are issues many women have throughout their lifetime. The ThermiVa is changing the way we view these issues in that they are easily treatable with treatments that can fit into your lunchtime. In fact, ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne, where these patients underwent the ThermiVa treatment, are offering an Intimate Toning Special – a 45-min retreat using ThermiVa technology for vaginal toning and with complimentary full face LED treatment to tighten and smooth fine lines away. Get the best of both worlds at the same time, even during your lunchbreak.

Two women have been brave enough to answer some questions about their experience with the ThermiVa at the ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne.

Mother of Two

Age 55, peri menopausal (she still gets her period)
Two vaginal births
Episiotomy with both
Treating vaginal laxity

Did you notice any improvements?

How did the treatment itself feel?
I was scared at the beginning because I didn’t know what to expect, but it was very comfortable at ENRICH Clinic, everyone made me feel comfortable. It didn’t hurt. When they treated the outside [vulva] it was a bit stingy, like hair-removal laser, but it didn’t hurt. Internally, didn’t hurt at all.

It’s not painful, and it feels like a tapping noise inside of you. It wasn’t that scary, and you’ve always got someone there to hold your hand, so the experience is good. I haven’t seen anyone come out of that procedure who isn’t comfortable. Everyone who has come out has said, ‘It’s not that bad’.

What did you notice immediately after treatment?
Straight away I noticed a bit of bleeding. I was given Ural [a urinary alkaliser] during and after treatment, because my urine would sting my labia otherwise. It felt very hot until later on that night, but by the morning, the heat and stinging had subsided.

Did your vagina become tighter straight away? What did you notice?
Yes, it was tight the first time we had sex – it was very tight and it did hurt a little bit. We waited a week. It was like being a virgin! I was scared, maybe that I hadn’t healed enough, maybe I should have waited a bit longer, not really sure why it hurt but it was at the vaginal entrance, and once he was in, it was fine – it wasn’t sore again after that.
I would say it is fifty, maybe sixty per cent tighter.

Was sex improved for you?
Yes, it’s better. I’m thinking about getting another treatment! My sexual response – arousal and orgasm – was exactly the same, and did not increase after the treatment. But because I didn’t have a problem in the beginning, it was exactly the same. I didn’t have the procedure to change that, but some women say yes it has improved their sexual response.

Have you noticed any changes in the shape or size of your labia?
No, because I haven’t looked! I was a little bit swollen the first week, but now everything has gone back to normal.

Nearly a year on, can you still feel the tightness?
I feel like I need another treatment. I’m still tight, but I feel like once you get that tight feeling, you want more! So I think all the women who get it done once, will always say ‘oooh I want more’. Because you’re scared that you’re going to get loose again. I’m addicted!

Mother of One

Age 34
One vaginal birth
Treating stress urinary incontinence

What degree of urinary incontinence do you have?
It started after my baby was born, but I only started noticing it after six months when I started to laugh again. When it’s just you and the baby, you don’t laugh much! When I came back to work, I started laughing again and noticed it. When I laughing and sneeze mainly. A very small amount of urine, about a five-cent-piece or less, comes out though mostly I can hold it, but sometimes… It almost happened to me again the other day. My condition was very mild.

Is your urinary incontinence coming back after just two months?
I don’t think it’s coming back, I think I just need another treatment. I will say it helped, but I need more treatments. I’m very happy.

How did you find the treatment?
The treatment itself was fine, I didn’t feel any pain. Immediately afterwards, my vulva was swollen. I found it difficult to sit, especially when trying to sit straight! Even day two for half a day. I did it around lunchtime on a Friday, so it was about 12 hours I felt I was swollen and I couldn’t sit straight – it was uncomfortable!

I had some light pink discharge, and post-treatment I found I was really itchy for three days. It woke me up in the middle of the night. I just had to whack on moisturiser. Only on my labia, not internal itching. I couldn’t feel anything on the inside post-treatment.

What was the impact on your incontinence?
A few days after the treatment – improved. For me it was pretty much 100 per cent. I have been recommending this treatment to everyone I speak to!

If you’d like more information on, or to book in to receive this treatment, give ENRICH Clinic a call on (03) 9500 9500. The ladies will be only too happy to answer any of your questions or to arrange a consult to see if this treatment is right for you.

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