Trish: Okay. I’m here today today with Mark from Cutera. We’re going to talk about the Excel V Laser, which is all for vascular conditions, veins, that sort of thing. So thanks Mark!

Mark: Yeah, you’re welcome.

Trish: So tell us about Excel V. What’s that good for?

Mark: Okay. So the Excel V was designed by dermatologists for dermatology and cosmetic procedures and practices. It’s a vascular laser, dual wavelengths. It’s got a 532 and 1064 wavelengths. 532 is for doing superficial vascular, and pigmentation concerns including hyperderma and rosacea. The 1064 you’re going to do anything from larger Telangiectasia on the face right down to 3-3.5 mm reticular leg veins. It also has a second hand piece that you can do your propriety laser genesis program, skin rejuvenation.

Trish: Right. Face?

Mark: Yep. You can do face, you can do neck, you can do chest. You can do pigmaderma as well with the laser genesis and the diffuse redness. So you’re actually rejuvenating the skin. So turning fibroblasts into collagen. Therefore you’ll get reduction in fine lines, reduce crow’s feet, tighten up skin pores. Just generally it’s great for a wide range of procedures, right down to toenail fungus.

Trish: Oh wow!

Mark: It’s an amazing device with many, many applications.

Trish: So you can use it as a laser like facial kind of things? For your pores, for rejuvenation. I’ve heard it referred to as the facial laser.

Mark: Yes, that’s right. Absolutely. It does those conditions. You can manage melasma as well with it. This is something ordinarily people are creating further insult on the skin. Laser genesis doesn’t do that. It tricks the body into thinking that something is happening and the reactions start to improve the skin. The melasma has been broken down and shut down the capillary plexus which is what the diffuse redness part is usually. That’s stopping the feed to the melasma pigmentation.

Trish: Okay. My girlfriend had all of her fine veins in her legs done with the Excel V and they disappeared, never to come back.

Mark: Yes, that’s right. It is amazing. That’s why it’s been so popular with most of the dermatologists. Because that is the condition that they’re treating. People don’t want them because if they’re going to the beach and they have these vascular conditions on their legs they want to get that treated. Cutera is an engineering firm. Primarily engineers come out with ingenious products if they’re working to an efficacious level… and that’s what Cutera is all about. Is getting efficacious treatments so that people actually get these conditions treated really well. I mean I always think of it like patients want to have a condition treated and treated well. Their expectations are very high, often beyond what any device can actually treat in one treatment. No one gets excited about mediocre treatment, but they do get excited about the Excel V.

Trish: For sure. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today.

Mark: Thank you.

Trish: So if you need to get your veins treated and you’re looking for a practitioner that has this device and can do that for you, just drop us an email at or give us a call. Thanks very much Mark.

Mark: Thanks Trish.


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