Rejuvenation Clinics Australia have been providing beauty and aesthetic treatments for their patients for almost 20 years. They are recognised as one of the premier Sydney destinations for all things beauty and as well as providing solutions for a range of skin conditions they are also known for their anti-ageing procedures and treatments.

We are excited to announce that Rejuvenation Clinics have teamed up with us to offer our readers a showcase of their non-surgical options and have put together a special combo package exclusive to PSH readers!!

Strictly for a limited time only, if PSH members purchase over 1ml of thick dermal fillers (suitable for cheeks) Rejuvenation Clinics will include 8 units of anti-wrinkle injections Just mention the code ‘PSH cheeky’ at checkout and save up to 15% off the standard price.



Book your free consultation today to discuss the best treatment for you:

*Terms & Conditions
8 units of anti-wrinkle injections included with purchases of 1ml or more cheek filler
Premium brands, experienced clinical staff
Smoothed-out lines and plumper-looking skin
Free consult to discuss the best treatment for you

Call Rejuvenation Clinics today on: 1300 88 99 35


Trish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.

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