Dr Jayson Oates

Dr Jayson Oates

Every time Zara looked at photos of herself she felt like she couldn’t see her eyes – only a big overhang where it looked like her eyes were always closed. Zara started looking into the possibility of eye surgery and when she had her consult with Dr Jayson Oates from Academy Face and Body in WA, she knew she’d found her surgeon. Zara shares with us her eye surgery success story.

Finding the Right Surgeon

Zara says as soon as she sat down with Dr Oates, he explained the procedure to her in detail and she felt as though he understood exactly what it was she hoped to achieve. It was at this consultation that she booked her upper blepharoplasty. “Dr Oates has 20 years of experience. I did not want to have a ‘frightened’ look and my eyes pulled back so much that everybody will know I had it done. As he said ‘my best work will go unnoticed and my surgery will go unnoticed’ – which is exactly the way I wanted it to look – natural – not overdone!”

Not only that, Zara says she was booked in for three Hydrafacials to prepare her skin for optimal recovery post-surgery. She says, “This was all included in the price of the surgery and was a fantastic treat.”

Dr Jayson Oates has one of the most well-equipped private clinics in Australia. This enables him to offer procedures such as blepharoplasty at their licenced day hospital, which is where Zara had her procedure done. “It all ran very smoothly, Dr Oates explained the procedure to me and the nurses explained what will happen on the day. Any questions or anxiousness I felt was removed as they took fantastic care of me and it was all done at the day hospital under twilight sedation.”

Having a surgery under twilight sedation has the advantage of a faster recovery, and you are usually able to go home that same afternoon, as long as your surgeon has no reasons for concern. Zara tells us that it was one of the best things she’s ever done and says, “I don’t know why I waited this long – in saying that though, I found the right fit for me with Dr Oates as my surgeon. He made me feel comfortable enough to go ahead with the surgery.”

Eye Surgery Recovery

Zara says she is one week post surgery and still has some bruising and a small amount of swelling. However her biggest challenge was sleeping upright (this assists in minimising swelling). Zara is thrilled with her results and says, “I’m so relieved I can see my eyes now! The biggest change is that I can see and feel the difference. I did not have this done for anybody else but myself. Plus, it’s a bonus that I no longer mind having my photo taken.”

A blepharoplasty with Dr Oates at the Academy Face and Body is $3,800 all inclusive at their beautiful day hospital. Also, if you do take this package, you can also opt to have feather brows done at Academy Face and Body clinic for $600 – that’s $200 off their normal price of $800.

Zara wanted to say to others considering a blepharoplasty, “Don’t wait to have this surgery done, it can make such a huge difference to your face, and in some cases such as mine, your vision. Find the right surgeon for you – it made all the difference for me”.

If you’d like more information on blepharoplasty or Dr Jayson Oates click here or check out the blogs below. You can also check out this youTube video of Dr Oates actually performing an Upper Blepharoplasty. Be warned, the video is very graphic showing the actual procedure!

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