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Although it may look a little something like the mask from a scary movie, the transformation it will leave on your face will be anything but scary. I’m talking about the Face LED mask. The Face LED Mask has a number of positive effects including skin rejuvenation, increasing blood flow, even helping to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

We’ve covered the technical in’s and out’s of the LED light therapy here. But today I want to talk to you a little more about the mask itself and the many benefits it has.

The Face LED Mask utilises 3 LED wavelengths to provide all the benefits of LED treatment – 415nm, 630nm and 830nm. It’s a great device that you can use yourself at home too.

The Face LED Mask can deliver more energy per area due to close proximity to the skin eliminating losses due to the beam spread over distance.

The Face LED Mask increases cellular activity and blood flow, promotes wound healing, stimulates collagen, elastin production and oxygenation for up to 180 days after treatment. Working as an anti-inflammatory that strengthens capillary walls and rosacea, promoting intercellular communication, a purifying antibacterial for blemished and oily skin. Great for congested skin, anti-ageing, post care after laser treatment and blood recirculation.

Because the Face LED Mask is easily sterilized with anti-bacterial wipes, some salons are choosing to use the Face LED Masks over ordinary masks as it saves on consumables. A great plus for the environment too!

Stay tuned to some of the posts coming up on Plastic Surgery Hub as we test out the Face LED Mask and share some before and after photos with you.

My latest favourite product! Last week I had the pleasure of my first session with the Face LED Mask. It was a quick 20 minute lay down, close your eyes and relax kind of treatment. Easy to use, the mask has 3 different settings including LED Blue Light 415nm great for blemished skin, LED Red Light 630nm for skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing and after laser treatment, and LED Infrared 830nm for skin rejuvenation and blood recirculation. So if you’re a sufferer of sensitive skin conditions like rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, do yourself a favour and get one.

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