Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are an extremely popular way to contour, define and smooth out your face without having to go under the knife. When done right they can enhance and highlight your best features and get rid of those little signs that are threatening to betray your age. They can also enhance your features and look natural and beautiful when done right. Dr Bryan Mendelson’s Skin and Injecting Clinic in Melbourne is led by one of Australia’s most respected plastic surgeons so it makes sense that he only has the best injectors working in his non-surgical clinic. We had a chat to them about the beautiful results they get for their patients with their non-surgical treatments.

Good Bone Structure – give it a helping hand with fillers

Dr Mendelson says that a good bone structure is the key to a beautiful face. He says, “It is the key to many of the attributes we find most appealing, such as fuller cheekbones, a well proportioned brow and good jawline definition. Interestingly, a good bone structure also means a face will age more slowly – we all know people who have a lovely bone structure and who appear to age well. The reverse is also true – any area on a face where there is a poorly developed skeleton will be the first to show ageing changes, due to lack of support from the bones. We also lose bone mass as we age, which contributes to the problem.”

Nuala, Aesthetic Nurse

Nuala is Dr Mendelson’s most experienced injector and she says that dermal fillers are instantly able to restore the skin’s volume, smooth away deep lines, facial creases and provide volume to those areas of the face that may need it. “Dermal fillers have a variety of benefits including being able to soften your nasolabial folds, increase definition of your lip border and lips, help with deep forehead lines including smoker’s lines, provide volume around the eyes to help with hollowing, provide volume to undefined cheeks or even rejuvenate aged hands. There’s so much we can achieve with fillers and anti-wrinkle injections without the patient going near the knife.”

Key to great results with fillers is your practitioner

The key to great results with fillers and anti-wrinkle injections is ensuring your practitioner has the appropriate training and understands facial anatomy. Knowing where your muscles, nerves, tissues and all the other parts that make up our faces is essential to ensure the filler is injected into the right spot to create the right effect. We’ve all seen fillers go wrong – the puffy, stretched out skin, the odd new shape of the face and or lips, the inability for the patient to move their face… Not only that, it can be dangerous to have filler injected into the wrong place – most of us have heard about the recent warnings of patients going blind after receiving fillers too close to their eyes where the product ended up in the blood vessels connected to the retina. There is also the chance of infection if there is not proper safety protocols in place.

Different grades of fillers

There are also different grades (or quality) of fillers, each made up of different ingredients. Different fillers can give different results regardless of the practitioner, although a good practitioner will usually always use a good quality, safe filler.

Prior to being Dr Mendelson’s Injecting Nurse, Nuala was Dr Mendelson’s practice nurse. Nuala has a reputation for being one of the best. Not only that, she offers free consultations at their Skin and Injecting Clinic and says it’s essential to understand what the patient wants. “We discuss what you would like to achieve, the treatment options I suggest, fees, and any possible downtime that may be required. If you’d like to proceed, this can also be done on the day.”

If you’ve got an area of your face that you think could use a bit of help with fillers and/or injectables make sure you do your homework and choose the right practitioner. Arrange a consultation and remember – if you are not comfortable or confident with the practitioner, you don’t need to commit to any treatments or procedures – you should be under no pressure to do anything to your face or anywhere else on your body that you’re not 110% sure about.

You can contact Dr Bryan Mendelson’s Skin and Injecting Clinic and Nuala on (03) 9826 0977.


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