Dr Paul Gerarchi is an accomplished surgeon with extensive overseas and local experience and training, specialising in Facial Plastic Surgery. He is the founder of The Face Institute, a clinic in Sydney with a focus on procedures relating to the reconstructive, cosmetic and functional aspects of facial surgery.

Dr Paul GerarchiWe were able to ask Dr Gerarchi some questions about one of the lesser known, but growing in popularity facial plastic surgery procedures, Frontal Sinus Remodelling.

1. What is frontal sinus remodelling and who are the most likely candidates for surgery?

Frontal sinus remodelling is a procedure to change the appearance of the frontal bone. Most commonly, bulges in the frontal bone, particularly a prominent brow ridge, are requested to be reduced. Otherwise the angle of the frontal bone or other protuberances or even the fullness of the temples may be adjusted. Candidates for this procedure are people who would like to either remove a deformity of their forehead or people who would like to feminise or masculinise the appearance of their forehead. This is an important procedure in transgender surgery.

2. How safe is this surgery and what are the main side effects? Is it possible to lose your sense of smell?

This surgery is quite safe. Although all surgery has risk of complications, serious complications from this surgery are unusual. Other than swelling over the forehead and potentially some bruising around the eyes, the side effects are usually minimal. It is theoretically possible to damage your sense of smell from this surgery but I have never seen this happen to a patient, nor have I heard it happening to colleagues’ patients.

3. Is this a common procedure in Australia and how do we compare with the amount of people undergoing this procedure overseas?

I am receiving more and more requests for this procedure, particularly from the transgender population. Not many surgeons in Australia are performing this procedure.

I think the procedure is as common per head of population as in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. It is not a common procedure but, as mentioned, is very important in facial feminisation surgery.

5. Is there anyone you would not perform this procedure on and why?
As the largest group of people to desire this procedure is those undergoing facial feminisation, I would not perform this procedure on those people until proper psychiatric transgender assessments have been performed. Otherwise, unless there are major medical conditions that would make the surgery risky, I see no particular contraindications for this procedure in properly selected patients.

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