A highly concentrated and super rich serum derived from your own blood, Factor 4 contains four times more growth factors than any comparable blood rich injection product on the market. This sound impressive, and what’s even more impressive is that we have another Factor 4 fan to share their story. Frances discovered Factor 4 about a year ago and wanted to tell us about it. We asked her some questions why she loves this revolutionary treatment so much…

Frances - Factor 4 Treatment

Frances, after her first series of Factor 4 treatments – no make-up, no filter!

PSH: What was your motivation to having non-aesthetic beauty treatments and what made you decide on Factor 4? Had you had any other treatments and were you happy with their results?

Frances: I’ve had 3 Fraxel treatments in the past which did improve my skin and l have reluctantly tried filler and Anti-Wrinkle Injections from time to time; but l prefer the idea of using my own body to renew my skin. Factor 4 seemed the most simple and straightforward with very little downtime which was another plus.

PSH: You’ve had one round of treatments. How many did this involve, and how did you feel after your first one? Was it more/less painful than what you expected?

Frances: I had one round of treatments which was over a year ago. They were 2 weeks apart and 4 treatments in total.

After my first treatment l was so surprised at how quickly it recovered. The next morning l had very little redness left over and l was able to cover up easily for work. It was much easier than what l expected and absolutely painless compared to other laser treatments l’ve had such as Fraxel.

PSH: Is there anything you think people should be aware of when booking a Factor 4 treatment? How did you feel about the fact that the treatment uses your own blood? Do you think anyone who gets faint at the sight of blood should consider this treatment?!

Frances: It’s a very quick process to collect your blood for the serum and very little is taken. If you’ve had a blood test at a pathology centre then you can have your blood collected for Factor 4. The idea of using my blood for the treatment was what l found so attractive and fascinating. I don’t like the idea of foreign material in my body or in my skin.

Frances - Factor 4 TreatmentI wasn’t expecting the tightness of the skin which l experienced immediately after the treatment but l applied the anti ageing serum regularly which helped keep my skin soft and hydrated.

PSH: How do you feel about your results after your first series of treatments? What results are you are noticing? How does your skin feel/look?

Frances: What l noticed the most was the smoothness of my skin. Any lumps and bumps l had seemed to have vanished and open pores and old acne scarring looked less obvious. I’m so happy that I’m about to start another course. I’m thrilled that technology has enabled us to use our own blood to remodel collagen and look more youthful.

PSH: Has anyone else, ie. friends and family, noticed a difference?

Frances: Everyone comments on my skin and I must admit that for 51 it looks pretty good!

PSH: Has it made you more aware of your skin in general? Has it changed your beauty routine in any way?

Frances: It’s made me more aware of changes in my skin and l guess I’m more consistent about what l use on my skin. I do use the anti ageing serum daily now as part of my normal routine: I’m hooked on the anti ageing serum!

PSH: Are you just having the treatment on your face? If not, where else and are you happy with the results in those other places?

Frances - Factor 4 TreatmentFrances: I only had my face treated last time but I’m keen to include my neck next time. The skin on my neck is starting to look a bit fine and loose and I’m hoping to get some elasticity back in that area.

PSH: How much downtime do you have after your treatments?

Frances: I had only 24 hours before all the redness disappeared but I was able to cover up easily and go to work. I was a little puffy for a couple of days which I liked because the wrinkles were less visible.

Factor 4 is certainly shaping up to be one of the most popular new treatments on the aesthetic market. Everyone we’ve spoken to about it loves it and is singing it’s praises! Certainly, many clinics and plastic surgeons are incorporating this treatment into their practice which confirms its place as a treatment that’s here to stay. To check out where you can find the Factor 4 treatment near you click here, or if you want to read more about it first, check out these blogs:

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