I caught up with Shaun Baldwin at the Non-Surgical Symposium 2017 on the Gold Coast last month about Factor 4. This awesome treatment is great for rejuvenating skin and has got to be one of the biggest success stories of 2017. Listen to the podcast, watch the video or read below to find out more.

Trish: Great, well I’m here today with Shaun Baldwin and Shaun Baldwin is the face of Factor 4. We’re going to have a talk to him today about what the Factor 4 is, which it’s really exciting because it’s kind of like rejuvenation without injectables, isn’t it?
Shaun: Yeah, what we try to do, and I talk about this really passionately, but I want the foundation, the skin, to be the masterpiece of who we are. I mean, our skin tells us if we look good or not, if we look or we look young. What I want to be is the face of every face, in terms of everyone can have their Factor 4 and have their face and their skin looking phenomenal and then you can build other things into it. It’s a natural way of repairing collagen, being able to lay down new collagen, increase the fat pads that we lose as we get older, you know, the ageing process, and to be in our best skin every single day, Factor 4.

Trish: Yeah. Basically, because I’ve seen it being done. It’s like the Kim Kardashian, vampire lift.

Shaun: Yeah. I kind of squirm as you say that but what we’re doing essentially is we’re doing that in a much gentler way with less down time but a much more purified way. Factor 4 is a treatment that is completely autologous so it’s your blood. We’re getting your blood, getting your plasma, converting your plasma into serum that’s got a four to ten fold increase of your growth factors in your cytokines. Then we put those back into your skin. We either skin needle those back in using the Mderma or some kind of skin needling device, or we can inject it subdermally, intradermally into wherever we need to put it.

Trish: Okay, basically you draw the blood from the patient, it goes through a centrifuge system –

Shaun: No, so we take the blood from the patient into a tube, that tube then goes to an incubator at 37 degrees. Then we increase, or synthesise, a white blood cell through the mono[inaudible 00:01:54] and that has the ability to increase four to ten fold those growth factor and those cytokines that we need to help our skin to help the ageing process.

Trish: How long is the downtime?

Shaun: Look, everyone is different, Trish. I could have a treatment, which I did have couple of weeks ago. I posted it. I did 1.75 on my forehead as depth, skin needling with Factor 4, which is very, very deep. I’m not suggesting anyone do that but my skin, I can push it quite hard. I bounce back within five or six hours. I can put mineral based makeup on or like a gel type product and go out into the world and nobody would know. The average person I would say overnight. The next day you can put on some makeup. You’re off. You wouldn’t even know what’s going on.

Trish: Well, I saw your picture a couple days later. I thought, “Oh, there is no real downtime.”

Shaun: No.

Trish: There might be that day.

Shaun: Remember I’ve been doing Factor 4 for three years now so I don’t use Anti-wrinkle injections. I’ve got no filler on my face. It’s just Factor 4. I’m ten weeks off turning 50, and that’s a big deal you know because I’m halfway through my life but I want to be in my best skin every day so now that I’ve been doing Factor 4 on a regular part of what I do yearly, in my treatment transformation of my skin, I’m doing four to six treatments annually and I do those every five to ten days apart our that durations so my skins in really good health. The PH is really, really healthy. I’m using phenomenal skin care as well. I live in Queensland. I’ve got to make sure I’ve got sunblock on wherever I go. Just take the precautions and do all the right things.

Trish: Yeah, and it’s true we all not the most important thing to looking youthful is having good skin.

Shaun: Yeah, I was lucky enough to be in Milan in January doing a huge presentation and I went to this building and looked in the room. I looked around the room and there was the most amazing chandeliers and architraves and the wallpaper. Everything was on point. I went up to the concierge in the business where I was staying, the hotel, I said, “When was the hotel built?” It was built in the 12th century.

Trish: Wow.

Shaun: If your skin is in good condition, no one can tell how old you are on the inside and that’s my mantra in life is making sure that everyone’s got their best skin possible. Hence, the camouflage behind us. Having horrible looking skin and moving into smooth as silk.

Trish: Exactly. Exactly. Well, thank you so much for that.

Shaun: Thank you. Good to see you.

Trish: If you’re looking for someone who does the Factor 4 treatment you can drop us an email to help@plasticsurgery.com.au. Otherwise, you can go to the website and look under the non-surgical treatments and you’ll find the Factor 4. Thanks Sean.

Shaun: Thank you Trish. Have a good conference.

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