As with anything new, especially when it comes to new medical procedures or techniques, there are always the supporters and the opponents. Both sides usually have their valid reasons, however in the end, it’s the validity and success of the new procedure or technique that will ultimately determine its longevity in the industry. Fat transfer has had its fair share of both supporters and opponents, but results driven success and patient interest has cemented its position in the Australian market and it looks like fat transfer in Australia is here to stay.

A more natural breast augmentation option

Dr Allan Kalus

Dr Allan Kalus

One of Australia’s biggest advocates for fat transfer over the last few years has been Dr Allan Kalus, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based at Avenue Plastic Surgery in Kew, Victoria. Dr Kalus is considered a leader in the fat transfer field and has performed hundreds of successful fat transfer procedures on patients wanting a more natural breast augmentation that of that using implants. He told us it’s important for women to realise that there is now a totally natural alternative to breast implants. “We’ve long known that breast implants, although they’re great, they can be associated with lots of problems. And I think that this has really stimulated the work to try to find a better way. It’s now here and that is to use your own fat. As a surgeon working in the field, what I have found is that fat is so much better than implants, the results are completely natural, the breasts feel completely soft. The demographic of women that we find are coming along for fat grafting of the breast is really quite different from the one that has a breast augmentation. Often, these are young mothers who have breast fed and have lost a little bit of fullness in the breast, and they want to restore their breast to how it was before, or perhaps make it a little larger. But they are not after something really large that everyone’s going to notice. And fat grafting does this beautifully. It does it actually, in a much better way than an implant could ever do it. Because we use the fat a little bit like putty. And we can put a bit in the cleavage, a bit into the upper pole, a bit into the base to increase projection. We’re finding that a lot of women who don’t want the risk of implants by using the fat, this gives them a very nice, natural increase, makes them able to wear nicer clothes, they look better in a bra, better in a bikini, in a totally natural way. Also, a lot of women are having their implants removed and rather than have nothing there, we’re able to use a bit of fat and to give them a very nice breast.”

One of the issues that surgeons have had up to now with fat transfer is that they were not covered by their insurances to perform the procedure. However, with one of the biggest medical insurance companies recently coming on board and covering their surgeons to perform fat transfer, more surgeons are taking this procedure seriously and considering offering it to their patients.

Dr Kalus says this is a great thing, however he wants to make sure that patients are informed on the procedure and this is what motivated him to create a designated fat transfer website, Fat Transfer Australia has been established to provide a resource for patients wanting the most up-to-date and correct information on fat transfer, as well as directing you to more experienced fat transfer surgeons. Dr Kalus says not all surgeons use the most advanced techniques and this is why results in fat transfer have previously been labelled unreliable. However, as with every procedure you are considering, it is absolutely crucial you choose a surgeon with the relevant training and experience in that particular procedure.

Amazing results with Fat Transfer

We’ve seen some amazing results from fat transfer and fat grafting over the years, in particular for breast fat transfer, and it’s exciting to think this option is now a more popular option for patients. Dr Kalus agrees. “And of course, the other big advantage of fat grafting, whether you’re doing it as a hybrid or as a stand-alone procedure, is that you have to remove the fat from some part of the body. So, for many women, you get the secondary benefit of liposuction, say from the tummy or the hips or the inner thighs.”

So for any of you interested in learning more about fat transfer which is definitely here to stay you might want to check out the website, or you can also phone Dr Allan Kalus’ clinic on (03) 9521 1777.

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