Stretch marks are usually caused by rapid stretching of the skin.This can happen during puberty, pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss. The stretching causes fine lines to form on certain areas of the body, and although most of us have a few of them in various sizes and shapes most of us would love to get rid of them too! So how can you get rid of stretchmarks?

When doing your research on how you can get rid of stretchmarks there is so much information you get bombarded with, its hard to sift through the old wives tales, quacky remedies, and straight out lies. That’s what we love about Stratamark – it’s a product clinically proven and specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of stretchmarks and there so much that’s gone into research and development it’s hard to look past. It is one of our most popular products in the plastic surgery shop – and there’s good reason.

Benefits of using Stratamark

Stratamark can assist with the following:

  • Prevention of stretchmarks during growth spurts and pregnancy
  • Prevention of stretchmarks due to bodybuilding or weight gain/loss
  • Reduction of discoloration and redness associated with stretch marks
  • Relief of discomfort, including itching.

Stratpharma is a Swiss company known for its gel-based skincare solutions for wounds, scars, and stretch marks. Stratamark is just one of the five products offered by Stratpharma. Their products are 100% medical grade silicone and are currently used by some of the world’s top medical professionals.

Safe and effective stretch mark solution

Stratamark is the first product for stretchmarks that has been clinically-proven to help prevent and treat this skin condition. It can be applied to all skin areas, does not penetrate below the top layer of skin and does not contain fragrances, alcohol, or parabens which means that it can be used by nursing mothers, pregnant women, children and those with sensitive skin.

Stratamark works by assisting to normalise the collagen synthesis cycle, which basically means helping the affected area to return to looking like the rest of your skin. It hydrates your skin, yet dries to form an invisible sheet that you can place your make-up, sunscreen or clothes over the top of. It’s easy to use and a small tube goes a long way, making it cost effective.

We’ve got a number of fans of this awesome gel – check out what these ladies said – and we often run out of stock in our shop due to demand. However, we’ve got plenty at the moment so if you think this is something you need click here and we’ll post your order straight to your door. We’d definitely be interested to hear what you have to say, and to see if you love Stratamark as much as we do, so feel free to email us at any time on


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