Whether you are planning to tie the knot in the not-so distant future, or you just want to look fresh and pretty in time for the arrival of spring, great skin that glows with health is a must-have. A flawless complexion guarantees that you will look wonderful regardless of your taste in fashion. Also, it serves as an excellent base for trying spring’s latest makeup trends, not to mention having the option to not pile on the cosmetics because you already look flawless.

To have great skin, eating the right foods and practising good hygiene are imperative. However, if you are dealing with common, unavoidable problems caused by ageing or environmental factors like pollution and the sun, getting adequate nourishment may not be enough. For addressing such issues, there are safe and effective non-surgical solutions such as Cutera’s Pico Genesis.

How Cutera Pico Genesis Works

Designed by Cutera, who we love and know from their other well known devices such as enLighten, Excel V or TruSculpt3D, Pico Genesis is a 2-in-1 laser treatment that works well on all skin types designed to restore balance to the skin. It delivers results in as few as 2 treatment sessions, giving you back that healthy unblemished complexion that glows.

Pico Genesis is a non-invasive procedure. This not only allows you to save money but you have lower risk and minimal downtime, which means you can look forward to facing the world looking younger and radiant pretty much as soon as you’ve had the treatment.

Skincare Advantages

The treatment takes only 20 minutes from start to finish. Because Pico Genesis was created to benefit all types of skin, anyone can have it. It has proven results when it comes to:

Removal of Sun or Age Spots
Ageing and frequent sun exposure lead to the development of light brown spots on your skin. You need to keep an eye on these to ensure they don’t turn into anything more sinister.

Correction of Pigmentation Problems
Damaged or unhealthy skin cells affect melanin production, leading to pigmentation issues. Having these make your skin look patchy and uneven in colour.

Uneven Skin Tone
Uneven skin tone results from exposing certain parts of your body to the sun much longer than others.

More Radiant Complexion
A skin that glows with great health automatically boosts personal appeal and confidence. So even without bronzers or blushers, your skin can look it’s best.

Healthy, Vibrant Skin
Healthy skin that glows with life can make you feel as though you’re looking great for your age!

There are quite a few devices on the market that claim to get you great skin, however Cutera’s PicoGenesis is preferred by many of the leading clinics around Australia, so this is definitely one you’ll want to check out. To find a practitioner near you who offers this treatment click here. Or, to read more about the treatment first check out my interview with Dr Tahl Humes who tells us why she’s a fan of the Cutera PicoGenesis.


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