It is estimated that between 80 and 90% of Australians will suffer acne at some stage in our lives. For those with more severe cases it can be debilitating and affect your social life, confidence and self-esteem. There have been countless remedies or treatments for acne over the years including topical treatments, medications and lasers, but North Coast Medispa on the Far North Coast of NSW have introduced a new technology into their clinic called Kleresca, and are getting some awesome results that are really life-changing for their patients. We chatted to them about how this treatment works.

What is Kleresca?

Kleresca is based on a premise of boosting your own body’s healing mechanisms to treat acne, and uses LED biophotonic technology with specific wavelengths that help reduce inflammation and redness and other symptoms associated with acne. The treatment heals your skin from the outside in by increasing collagen growth and helping to neutralise and normalise your skin cells, repairing them from the damage the acne has caused.

Results reducing acne with Kleresca

Kerry Lynch, Dermatology Nurse and Founder of North Coast Medispa, says it’s a breakthrough treatment that is helping to treat moderate-severe cases of acne that were previously hard to manage without prescription medication. “Teen acne is often left untreated with the expectation that they will “grow out of it”. Unfortunately, the longer the skin is left untreated, the more likely the risk of permanent scarring or other complications.”

It is suggested that you need two sessions every week over a six week period to complete the treatment protocol. A new protocol being investigated by North Coast Medispa may be able to reduce this to one session per week, effectively halving the cost of treatment.

The total procedure takes between 20 – 40 minutes and involves the practitioner applying a gel to the patient which they leave on while the LED light works it’s magic. The treatment feels a little warm, with some patients describing it as though they were relaxing in the sun while on a holiday in Bali or somewhere else warm. After treatment, the patients face is usually quite red but this subsides fairly quickly and they can go right back to their normal routine with no down time.

Kerry from North Coast Medispa answers our questions about the Kleresca acne treatment.

How much are the treatments?

Kerry: Total cost to complete a course of treatments will be between $1200 and $2400 depending on the treatment protocol used.

What else are patients/practitioners saying about the treatment?

Kerry: We’ve been using this treatment for mostly teenage acne patients, who have all had a fantastic result and had a significant improvement in their overall confidence.

What else should potential patients know about the treatment?

Kerry: Kleresca is also suitable for general skin rejuvenation treatments – The treatment induces collagen production, reduces pore size, eliminates fine lines, and reduces the signs of scarring.

What makes this treatment better/more effective than other treatments you’ve tried for your patients?

Kerry: For acne patients, this is a great alternative to treatment with prescription medications. The high safety profile of the treatment means it’s suitable for just about everybody.

What other treatment options do you provide for patients and do you combine them?

Kerry: In addition to Kleresca treatments, we would prescribe a home care routine using quality skin care products to be used daily.

If you’d like more information about the Kleresca acne treatment or would like to arrange a consultation with North Coast Medispa, located on the Far North Coast of NSW at Lismore, Ballina and very soon in Byron Bay, give them a call on 1800 186 333.


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