In a world connected by an invisible internet and millions around the globe now either working from home or able to have meetings at the touch of a finger on our electronic devices, it was only a matter of time before conferences turned virtual. In a ground-breaking event, MyFaceMyBody will host a two day Global Virtual Aesthetics (GVA) Summit on 10th and 11th November 2019 for clinics, businesses, surgeons, practitioners and other aesthetics industry professionals, where attendees don’t have to leave their home or office.

Global Virtual Aesthetics Summit

10th and 11th November 2019

Customised and personalised itinerary

With a fully customised and personalised itinerary for each individual, the summit will allow attendees to access presentations and hear over 100 of the world’s most prominent industry experts on topics such as skin enhancement techniques, ‘new and emerging technology, Tattoo and Pigment,’ ‘Face-lifting,’ ‘Minimally invasive rejuvenation, ’‘fat transfer and stem cells and much more’, as well as a Business Program Schedule on topics such as ‘Tracking and Metrics,’ ‘Leadership in the Workplace,’ ‘Social Media,’ ‘Legal’ issues, ‘Dealing with Difficult Patients,’ and ‘How to sell a practice’ in addition to live demonstrations and so much more.

Clinics can train their entire staff

This unique and ground-breaking idea will enable not just one or two representatives from a clinic or company to attend, but will enable whole businesses to train their entire staff at the same time. With access to the program from as little as $60 per person, this is a brilliant concept designed to bring training to the business instead of the business having to get to the training. Not only that, professionals are able to achieve credits for attending each workshop or seminar. The format also allows attendees to achieve ‘virtual points’ as they engage with brands in exciting gamification over the two days and there are apparently a number of prizes up for grabs.

Global Virtual Aesthetics Summit

The summit will work by each attendee being able to log in to the summit on a designated website and upon entering ‘virtual lobby’ will be able to interact with local suppliers in their own country in specific regional exhibition halls giving them the ability to gain insight into some of the latest technologies and industry advancements from around the world Including the US, UK, Europe, China, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and the Middle East.

MyFaceMyBody Founder Stephen Handisides says in their GVA Press Release, “I believe GVAS makes everyone a winner when it comes to saving time and money. GVAS enables professionals to network from all over the world and gain new insights into how they can differentiate their offerings in their own local market.” 

If you’d like more information or to book your spot in this amazing virtual summit head to their website. We might see you there!

Global Virtual Aesthetics Summit


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