I had my first consultation with Dr. Louise Loizou at Vein Solutions on the 7th of August 2013. To make my appointment I simply called up by phone and made a booking without needing a referral. Before I went in for my first consult, Vein Solutions sent me an information pack that included a booklet with all the information on everything I could expect in my first consult plus the procedure fee and Medicare rebate. The information booklet explained everything I needed to know about the minimal invasive treatment of spider veins, varicose veins and venous ulcers. Included in my information pack on spider vein treatment was also paperwork that I was to fill out to bring along to my first consult.

On the 7th of August Dr. Loizou assessed my vein problems then did a scan to clarify my vein pattern. My vein problem was then explained to me. Dr Loizou then went on to give me the treatment protocol and costing; my first initial consultation costing $160 with a Medicare rebate of $103.50. First treatment cost $490 with a refund of $93 on Medicare, second treatment $290 with $93 refund on Medicare, plus an extra $120 on first treatment for surgical stockings that are required as part of the treatment for the prevention of thrombosis (you can claim back on private health insurance for extra rebate).

spider-vein-left-leg-before spider-vein-left-leg2-before
Left leg before treatment

21 August 2013; 
My first vein treatment (left leg only). 
Very fine needles like acupuncture were injected into my veins. Very little discomfort was felt as I was relaxed. Though the injected solution did sometimes sting slightly for short periods of time. The surgical stocking was then slipped on and I was done. This was a walk in, walk out procedure. Most treatments take about 30min to perform. I was advised that my daily routine should not be disrupted. However heavy physical exercise or workloads should be avoided for about 2 weeks following each treatment. 
Wearing of the compression stocking is also a very important part of the treatment as it assists the healing process. Wearing the stocking also decreases the existing small risk of deep venous thrombosis. I was to wear the stocking continuously for 24 hours a day for 1 day then during the day only for the next 10 days. I then was required to walk at a gentle pace for 20 minutes immediately after treatment to reduce the pressure in my treated veins. Next appointment for second treatment is in 2 weeks time.

spider-vein-left-leg-2wks spider-vein-left-leg2-2wks
Left leg two weeks after treatment

4th September 2013; Second treatment. More needles were injected into both left and right legs. Then on the left leg a fine needle prick was picked into the dead veins so the dead blood could be squeezed out. Surgical stockings were then slipped onto both right and left legs. As both were treated today, I was then asked to book in for my review in 4 weeks time.

Left leg two weeks after treatment

2nd October 2013; 
My review day. A few more needles injected into both legs today to treat last of the veins and fine needle prick was also picked on both legs to release more dead blood. The extra costing of the review today was $160 and the rebate was $96 and my surgical stocking to be left on for 10 days.

spider-vein-right-leg-2wks spider-vein-right-leg2-2wks
Left leg and right leg two weeks and two days after treatment

I now have completed my vein treatment and I’m happy with my results. The only recommendation I have is to anyone looking to have this treatment, consider having this procedure done over winter as you do get bruising and wearing the surgical stocking can make you feel hot.

Gloria Mastroianni

Gloria is a wife and mum of 3 boys, and works part-time. At the age of 40 Gloria decided it was finally time to start putting herself first for a change. She has started to look after herself by going to the gym, eating well, and doing little 'touch-ups'. She's keen to share her journey to help others.

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