Humans are waking up. We are realising that the earth needs our help and as individuals we need to make choices that are sustainable and environmentally aware. Companies are recognising this shift in consumer awareness and we as customers have a responsibility to choose products that are not only animal friendly, but earth-friendly. Organic Nation is a skin care company committed to offering not just earth-friendly products, but products that are kinder to your skin too. Vanessa and George Jilly, Organic Nation’s Founders, have created a skincare range that we are absolutely loving, and so is our planet.

Sourcing Sustainably

A combination of organic ingredients and cosmeceutical science, the Organic Nation range sources nature’s most powerful non-toxic ingredients to repair, heal and transform your skin. All ingredients used in the Organic Nation range are sourced, grown, cultivated and processed with the highest possible standards to ensure their potency, authenticity and luxuriousness when put on your skin. They are obtained from ethical and sustainable sources from all around the world. One of many of the Organic Nation differences is using Certified Organic Aloe Vera gel instead of water for it’s healing powers.

Organic Nation uses a philosophy called “Green Chemistry”. This is a set of principles whereby scientists and engineers find creative and innovative ways to minimise any waste, energy consumption and use ingredients that support the biodiversity of our planet. I don’t know about you, but here at the Hub we are always looking for ways for us as individuals, and as a business, to reduce our footprint on the earth, and we support any other business that does the same.

Glass Bottles, Not Plastic

Another innovative change from other skincare companies is that Organic Nation where possible are using the finest recyclable glass from Europe for their bottles. It is just part of their commitment to combining beautiful products that don’t compromise on luxury, but are earth friendly. Any plastic used is fully recyclable, not to mention they have no animal testing and are vegan friendly and gluten free!

Organic Nation 25 years in the making

Vanessa and George Lilly have been involved with holistic skincare for over 25 years. They were partners with the creator of Jurlique who were one of the first to develop a range of organic skincare products using biodynamic farming, essential oils and organic ingredients, and introduced people to the benefits of organic skincare. Since then their contribution to the skincare industry has been extensive and Organic Nation is their latest range to offer consumers a truly indulgent yet completely guilt-free and environmentally aware skincare products.

The Organic Nation Products

Organic Nation offer a range of creams, serums, oils, cleaners, mists, moisturisers and everything else we need to satisfy our beauty requirements. The packaging is just beautiful and is a range you’ll be happy to have in your bathroom. The best thing of all is that it feels absolutely divine on your skin and before you know it you’ll never want to use any other products on your skin again.

To see the full Organic Nation range or to read more about this awesome earth friendly company click here.


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