Following the success of their Gut-Skin Health Connection workshop in Perth, Aesthetics CPD are asking for expressions of interest for anyone wanting to attend the workshop in the Eastern States.

The workshop covers the internal gut connection to your skin health and conditions and is perfect for practitioners and clinics to further their understanding on gut health and microbiome diversity that is key to healthy skin and wellness.

Depending on interest, the workshop may be held in one or more of the following locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide or Perth.



PRICE: $260 (inc GST) Lunch included

Presenter Marian Rubock RN, author of “Your Skin’s Secret’s” has extensive experience in holistic health and skin care and will answer all your questions on the Gut-Skin Health Connection.

To register your interest head to the Aesthetics CPD website.

Some of the Workshop highlights will include:

  • Workshop led by Marian Rubock, RN and Author of ‘Your Skin’s Secrets’
  • Learn about the internal gut connection and its influences on the skin
  • Microbiome diversity – What influences the gut microbiome and how it affects the skin
  • Leaky gut
  • Metabolic Disorders – PCOD, Insulin Resistance etc
  • Understanding endocrine disruptors and their connection to skin conditions (insulin resistance, Oestrogen mimics, GMO foods, chemical influences in our food chain).
  • How to support and educate your clients to have realistic expectations of their skin and outcomes and the importance of regular treatments.
  • Cooking demonstration and recipes by Celebrity wholefood cook, Natalie Bennett – you’ll also learn how to prepare and make dishes using the ingredients discussed in the workshop
  • Gut friendly lunch included
  • Case studies – Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation
  • Naturotherapists and associated professions keen to learn about the gut-skin connection

This is a must attend for any dermal clinicians and therapists, cosmetic nurses, doctors and naturopaths wanting to expand their knowledge on skin treatments and procedures and general nutrition knowledge.

For more information and to book click here now. You can also phone Aesthetics CPDS on 02 9438 4564. Or email


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