Men who are considering a hair transplant need to take a number of different factors into consideration, including their full-time jobs. Along with wanting to know what a hair transplant involves and whether or not it will hurt, most patients want to know how long they will need to recover.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not as straightforward as some people would like it to be. Your recovery process will depend on several things, particularly the complexity of your hair transplant. The physical portion of your recovery that involves waiting for your scalp to heal is simple and can be achieved within a few days. However, the size of your hair transplant will determine how long it will be before you feel confident enough to resume work and your usual social activities.

While both hair transplant methods offer natural results, the downtime associated with each is slightly different.

Hair Transplant Recovery – What You Should Plan For

Here is an overview of what you can expect from the FUE and FUT hair transplant methods that are available at the best hair transplant clinic in Melbourne.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Method
The FUE method is by far the most popular for hair transplants, mostly because it’s a one-day procedure that requires minimal downtime. Most patients are usually back at work within one to two days. Once a short-term local anaesthetic is applied, the extraction and transplantation process will take anywhere from two to six hours depending on the number of grafts that are required. The dressing that is applied to the scalp after the procedure can be removed the next day, with a post-surgical visit being required three days later.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) Method
The FUT method is also a one-day procedure but the grafts are harvested slightly differently. To harvest the donor hair, a strip of skin needs to be removed from the back or side of the head, which does result in slightly more scarring than the FUE method.

While recovery after an FUT hair transplant will be quite similar to an FUE transplant, patients do require slightly more post-surgical care because of the incisions required to complete the procedure. Again, patients will be able to return to work two to three days after their surgery but since there is some scarring after an FUT procedure, some patients prefer to wait 10 to 14 days before they really get back to their usual activities. It all really depends on how self-conscious you are feeling after a few days.

Hair Growth Speed

Your newly transplanted hair will grow at the same rate as your existing hair but you will only be able to visibly notice the new growth after about three months. It’s important to remember that once your new hair starts growing, it will have a normal growth cycle, which means you will experience naturally shedding. The average person can shed up to 100 hairs per day, so this is not something that you should be concerned about after your transplant.

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