Living in Byron Bay means I live a beach orientated, outdoors lifestyle. While I absolutely love it, it can also mean that my skin is more exposed to the glare of the sun. I definitely try to do the right thing by covering up, hydrating and moisturising, however combined with my super busy lifestyle, my skin can sometimes pay the price and like most people my age (and younger) I notice more fine lines, wrinkles and sun spot. Being in the aesthetics industry means I’m often in the know when it comes to the latest treatments and procedures for skin rejuvenation, and one I’d heard awesome things about was The Halo. So, you guessed it… I booked myself in with Central Dermatology in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.

So What is the Halo?

The Halo is a fractional laser but it’s also said to be the world’s first Hybrid Fractional laser – it has both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths so that means it can treat different skin conditions or issues at the same time. It is said to restore your skin’s glow including tone, texture and of course, get rid of those sneaky little lines showing around my eyes and mouth. Fractional laser works as a skin resurfacing treatment and this is exactly what the Halo is. It works by penetrating into your dermal skin layer stimulating new collagen which in turn tightens and firms up the skin.

Firstly, I want to say the team at Central Dermatology were so welcoming and accommodating. I instantly felt like I was in good hands. We started by me having a topical numbing cream applied to my skin. So i’ve had topicals before but this topical was specially formulated by Dr Sander and I’m 100% certain that contributed to my not feeling any discomfort during my treatment – thanks for that Dr Sander!! After about 45 mins and a little touch up with topical, my face was wiped and ready for my treatment. My therapist Tayla absolutely knew what she was doing and I lay relatively comfortably for about 20 minutes while she performed the halo treatment over my face.

The treatment wasn’t too uncomfortable which I have to say I was surprised by, because I expecting a whole lot of pain! I’d seen pics and read reviews, so I had made the presumption that it would be painful, but I was so impressed that the actually treatment was pretty comfortable. Tayla did say that my skin would feel sunburnt and ‘stingy’ for about 2 hours after the treatment, and she was right, that started pretty much straight away.

I was given a 50+ sunblock “Anthelios XL” (ah-mazing by the way – just love it and still use it!), and detailed after care instructions which help the skin during the healing process. I also got a facial water spray so I could spray my face while the stingy sunburn feeling calmed down (took a couple of hours). So instructions are to keep the skin cool for the 2-3 hours after the treatment which helps soothe the skin quicker.

How did my skin feel after the treatment?

I was hot! It felt like I’d had a big sunburn on my face. I had a friend drive me, so I was sitting in the passenger seat, I had the air conditioner on facing me and I was spraying my water spray. I did this pretty much the whole way home (it was about a 3 hour drive) and by the time I’d gotten home the sting had gone. Phew – that was an experience!

The next few days

Over the next few days I also noticed my face was a bit red and got quite puffy. Day 1 was ok, day 2 seemed worse and by Day 3 I was like “OMG what’s happening” I freaked out because I woke up with my face so puffy and my eye seemed to be half open. I was pretty anxious so I rang the clinic and sent them photos. Dr Sander called me back and explained to me this can happen and told me to go purchase some “DermAid” cream (I have really sensitive skin that gets inflamed easily) so it was part of MY healing process. By Day 4 it had calmed down a bit, and by Day 5 I woke up and looked like a totally different person – my skin was GLOWING! So all that anxiety for nothing – it was just part of MY healing process. I couldn’t believe the difference between Day 3 (anxious OMG what have I done) to Day 5 (OMG this is f…..^&!ing amazing!).

The results of the Halo treatment are said to keep improving over the months following the treatment. It helps with pigmentation, overall skin tone and appearance and gives you fresh, healthy skin that is where the “Halo” glow comes from.

I have to say that since my treatment I’ve had sooooo many comments from friends and colleagues. Nothing in particular, just “wow you look so good”, “you’re looking so healthy” and seriously I have changed nothing in my lifestyle, but I’ve definitely got the Halo glow.

Would I recommend this treatment – absolutely! Even though I had a couple of days of freak-out my results are amazing, my pores have become smaller, and my skin feels friggin fantastic! I’ve topped this off with fantastic skincare (the #1 must do!) and I’m loving the new skin I’m in.

Is this a 1 off treatment?

This is a 1 off treatment, but seriously, I want to have it done again!

  • Must knows:
  • Get sometime to drive you to your appointment,
  • Don’t forget a water spray (like Evian water spray),
  • The first 2 hours is not much fun.
  • Don’t panic when your face puffs up
  • Have hydrocortisone cream on hand if you need it

To find a practitioner who has the Halo near you, drop us an email


Trish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.

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