Dr Danae Lim

Dr Danae Lim

You know a treatment is good when you continually hear about the amazing results it’s getting. Factor 4 is one of those treatments and we’re often receiving reviews from clinics and patients on how much they are loving this new generation plasma-based (most people know it as PRP) procedure. Dr Danae Lim in Sydney NSW is usually at the forefront of the latest and most effective aesthetic treatments and is renowned for the results she is able to achieve. She chats to us about why she loves Factor 4.

Firstly, Dr Lim explains to us that Factor 4 is not actually a “PRP” (platelet rich plasma) treatment. “Factor 4 is not PRP – there are no platelets at all in the final collagen stimulating serum – it’s just pure growth factors and cytokines which is why only one blood draw is required for the entire course of treatments.”

Factor 4 has several benefits and treats a wide range of skin concerns

Dr Lim says she finds patients of all ages and skin types are suitable for Factor 4. “I don’t have specific selection criteria; it’s a great treatment suitable for all patients as long as they are healthy to begin with. I do prefer patients not drink or smoke in the week preceding the blood draw though, it decreases the quality of the serum.”

There are said to be several benefits of Factor 4, the most obvious being a refreshed and more youthful appearance, and it appears to do wonders for the skin. Dr Lim says she uses it for a variety of skin concerns. “Factor 4 can be used anywhere and is particularly great for skin tightening around the eyes, dark circles, acne scarring and broken capillaries – we had a patient due for IPL for her broken capillaries but could not get it as her skin was too weak for energy based treatments. After a full course of treatments with Factor 4 her capillaries pretty much disappeared. Stretch marks can be treated but achieve best results when they are treated relatively fresh. You can even use it for hair loss – we do a non-surgical hair loss treatment and this takes it up to the next level by rejuvenating hair follicles that have been damaged or are dormant.”

Factor 4Amazing results with Factor 4 for acne patients

Dr Lim says Factor 4 is is one of the best aesthetic treatments on the market to treat a wide variety of skin and appearance concerns. She says it’s especially effective on acne scarring. “Our most satisfied patients are usually those with severe acne scarring from when they were teenagers. Even long standing scars improve significantly due to the powerful collagen stimulating effect.”

The Factor 4 Procedure

Dr Lim recommends all her patients complete a full course of 4 treatments, 1 – 2 weeks apart. “Some patients are so happy they take a few months’ rest and continue with a second course to keep bumping up the results. It quickly became our most popular treatment due to the reduced downtime and quick results compared to just microneedling alone.”

The actual treatment is only 15 minutes but you need to allow 60 minutes for each treatment, with the numbing taking about 20 minutes. Dr Lim says at the HD Cosmetic Clinic they offer a complimentary LED treatment to speed up the healing every session. “We believe in providing value-added services for the best results.”

Factor 4What about downtime?

Dr Lim says her patients typically don’t get too uncomfortable after treatment. “The numbing is extremely effective, and for those who don’t like having the numbing cream we do a less aggressive treatment and they actually prefer it that way. Results are still fantastic, and downtime is reduced to a minimum.”

Dr Lim continues, “The results are totally worth the minimal downtime! Most of my patients are busy professionals who have to face clients every single day, but once they realise how good the results are they plan their schedule to accommodate it.”

Are Factor 4 Results permanent?

The results are permanent but because we never stop ageing you might want follow up treatments. Dr Lim tells us, “Some people need more than one course of treatments a year, which they ask for because they like the results so much. We generally only recommend one course of treatments per year. Even those who get two courses the first year generally maintain it annually.”

Dr Lim provided us with some before and after photos of some Factor 4 patients. This is one treatment I’m definitely going to be booking myself in for, sooner rather than later. I’ll keep you posted!

To arrange a Factor 4 treatment with Dr Danae Lim phone (02) 8356 2888 or to find a practitioner near you who does the Factor 4 treatment click here.

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