Sometimes the vision you have for a tattoo is not always how it turns out. Fortunately, you now have the choice to get rid of a tattoo that no longer fits in with your style, lifestyle or career.

Laser tattoo removal is still one of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted body art but the healing process is just as important as the actual procedure itself.
To ensure your skin heals quickly and properly, it’s important that you know what to expect after your tattoo removal appointment.

What to Expect After Your Laser Tattoo Removal Session

On average, your skin will need about 10 – 14 days to heal after your tattoo removal appointment.

Following your appointment, it’s not uncommon to experience mild swelling and tenderness across the area that was treated. You will more than likely also notice some slight redness.

A few days after your treatment, there is a chance that your skin will be slightly bruised and it will feel as if your skin is sunburnt. As your skin heals from the treatment, blisters will start to form but these will eventually turn into scabs. Most patients will also experience itching and slight skin discolouration. Don’t be alarmed if your skin starts to turn white!

All of these side effects are completely normal and even patients who receive treatment, even at the top tattoo removal clinic such as Clinica Lase in Carlton. All patients will experience some side effects.

If you closely follow your doctor’s post-care instructions, you shouldn’t run into any further problems.

What Else Can I Expect After My Treatment?

Your skin will be the most tender 1 – 3 days after your tattoo removal session. Your doctor will also have placed a bandage over the area that was treated, which will need to be left on for a day. It’s also important not to submerge the treated skin for the first 2 days to give it time to settle and heal. Even when you do shower, try and keep the treated area out of any direct streams of water.

On day 2, you will be able to remove your bandage so that the skin can breathe and dry out. Keep the area as clean as possible during the healing process to avoid complications such as infections. If blisters do start to form, don’t pick at them. Once the scabs form, they should fall off within 10 – 14 days.

Laser Tattoo Removal – Quick Tips

Here is a quick round up of laser tattoo removal tips:
– Don’t shave the treated area until your skin has healed completely to avoid complications
– Stay out of baths, pools and hot tubs until your skin is 100% healed
– Don’t apply any makeup to the treated area as this may irritate the skin
– Always apply a high SPF sunscreen before you leave the house as your skin will be especially sensitive at this time
Ask your doctor about a moisturiser that you can use to alleviate any itching

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