Many surgeons and clinics are now offering the Healite II as a complementary treatment to other procedures and treatments in order to maximise results. This wonderful light emitting device is used to “wake up” your cells before a treatment and to fast track healing after it. If you are looking to get the most out of any procedure or treatment, you may want to ask your surgeon, doctor or practitioner if they use the Healite II.

What is the Healite II

Healite II is an LED phototherapy system – you will recognise the term “LED light”. It is a device that emits low level LED light that stimulates, or “wakes up” your cells. Dr R Glen Calderhead explains the process. “Healite II is well known to activate the wound healing cells. It’s particular wavelength in the near infrared 830 nm can activate macrophages (cells) to respond up to from between 10 and 100 fold better, so they get rid of the rubbish faster and then come back for more.”

Combining the Healite II with other therapies

A lot of body contouring treatments, lasers and the like, use a method of destroying cells or skin to get the desired effect. They also then rely on the body naturally metabolising them to get them out of the body – using the Healite II at the same time can help to fast track the process of cell destruction and subsequent removal from the body. It’s the same with lasers – they generally get rid of old, less than desirable skin to show the new, smoother skin underneath. Again, used in conjunction with the Healite II can give a faster and more significant result.

Dr R Glen Calderhead talks about using the Healite II in conjunction with the enCurve (body contouring). “The Healite II is a great combination treatment with enCurve. What we suggest is to come in 24 hours before the enCurve treatment and have a Healite II treatment. Healite II is completely non-invasive, so much so that some people have been known to fall asleep during a Healite treatment and depending on the treatment head used, it will be either 11 minutes or 14.3 minutes long. When we use Healite II before enCurve, we are kind of waking the cells up to let them know that something is going to happen and they’re about to be needed. Then when the enCurve is used and the apoptosis starts, the gentle cell death, the cells are ready to deal with it. Then we add another Healite II session immediately after treatment and that makes sure that we get good reduction of the lipid that has been reduced, as well as helping skin tightening.”

Cosmetic Nurse Laura, from Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Patrick Briggs’ clinic in WA also loves using the Healite II. “It provides an instant effect and has no downtime. It can be incorporated into all dermal treatments to elevate results and we recommend a session following a dermal filler to increase healing and reduce swelling and bruising. This effective form of light treatment allows us to increase hydration and firmness, reduce bacteria and breakouts and reverse the signs of ageing! The LED therapy delivers concentrated energy deep into your tissue, affecting your body at a cellular level, promoting cell turnover.”

Dr Mark McGovern, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon from VIE Institute on the Sunshine Coast in QLD also uses the Healite II as a complementary treatment with any surgery. He says, “Using LED treatments in the first 2 – 3 weeks post-surgery has been shown to significantly reduce healing time by half. LED will also help reduce pain, oedema (swelling) and erythema (redness).”

So, this wonderful low level light therapy treatment certainly holds its own. Not only is it used as a standalone treatment to help rejuvenate the skin, but when used in conjunction with other treatments and procedures it can really help with your recovery and results.

To find a practitioner near you who offers the Healite II click here, or if you’re a practitioner interested in introducing the Healite II to your clinic or practice, email us at

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