Probably one of the most commonly asked questions I get asked on a daily basis is “How do I find a good doctor to do injectables?” None of us want to walk out of a clinic looking like we’ve just had them (I guess some may?!), and certainly none of us want to experience the feeling of “OMG What have I done”. Well personally, I’ve had both experiences and it’s not a lot of fun.

One of the worst (or funniest now) situations is a lip tattoo experience where I had a really exciting lunch appointment scheduled and was booked in for some lip tattooing that morning. I thought to myself “no worries, I’ve had it done before, easy peasy, I’ll be right by lunch time. Well guess what? Yes I looked like a blowfish. I think I must have reacted to the local anaesthetic or something. I won’t even tell you what my husband said I looked like – let’s just say, it was not pretty. And no way was I going to the luncheon I was supposed to go to!

Another of not ‘so much fun’ experiences was a bit of an unfortunate event. I was in for my usual bit of a zhoosh up, chatting away with my wonderful practitioner (whom I love to the moon and back!) and left feeling pretty good about myself. Only to wake up the next day thinking mmmmm I look like I’m not feeling well. But I feel good. My forehead felt heavy. Yes, it had a bit of a ‘drop’. So if you know injectables you know this can happen, it’s just probably a bit too much (I think I may have gone back too soon), and until recently I kept no record of what I was having done, where, using what product, and when! Yes I know, my bad! Well things have certainly changed now. I like to know what’s going in where, and I record it to a T. I think sometimes you have to have those ‘bad’ experiences to realize how important some things are.

Reputation is probably one of the most important things when choosing a practitioner. Recommendations from friends and family are great too. I’d say the best practitioners are the ones who achieve the result where you don’t even know anything has been done – so it’s up to the ‘friend’ who may have had something done to fess up to you here! I still find many people (especially living in Byron Bay – yoga loving natural beings who don’t want anyone to know they’re having injectables, who say their youthful glow is just good clean living – mmmmmm, really?).

Check out the full interview with Dr Patrick Trevidic a visiting Plastic Surgeon from France who presented at the ASAPS 2015 Non-Surgical Symposium, who talks about regulation, reliability, and his opinion on how to ensure you’re going to a “good Dr”. You’ll love the bit where he says if the doctor says “I’m 100% sure” that’s when you should make a run for it!

Click here to read the interview or watch the video.


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