Trish Hammond: I’m here today with Dr Terrence Scamp from the Esteem Medi Spa up on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Is that right? We’re going to have a bit of chat today about how you can actually find a reputable practitioner to do your non-surgical enhancements. Thank you so much for taking the time today.

Terrence: My pleasure.

Trish Hammond: Lovely.

Can you tell us, for the consumer out there, how do we actually find someone who’s a reputable practitioner to do our non-surgical enhancements?

Terrence: I think that’s hard. To a large extent, it’s word of mouth. I think one thing to look for is the doctor whose name is associated with the clinic, particularly is there a doctor’s name associated with the clinic. If you’re dealing with a generic entity with no doctor responsible, then you don’t really have any fallback, you may not even remember who treated you. If a doctor has his name attached to that clinic, then you can at least investigate his qualifications, or hers, and in this case it would want to be a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, or a member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia. These people are interested in this field and usually well-qualified and trained in this field.

Trish Hammond: Okay. Basically, when you’re looking for a practitioner, you need to make sure that they’re a member of the right society, the right college and they’ve got the right doctor as the symbol.

Terrence: That’s right. At least if you have the doctor’s name, then you’ve got something to investigate. If you only have the name of the clinic with no one’s profile attached to it, then it could be anybody at all.

Trish Hammond: Yeah.

Terrence: If you have the doctor’s name, then there are ways to investigate what that doctor’s qualifications are, what their training has been like, are they in a field where you would expect them to have expertise with these devices. I think it’s quite important.

Trish Hammond: Sure, so that you’ve got the right doctor who’s in the right industry doing the right procedures, basically.

Terrence: That’s basically it. This is a field where it’s a mixed group who treat the patients. The doctor’s involved might be an eye surgeon, they might be an ENT surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist, or a cosmetic physician, but at least if you have the doctor’s name you’ve got something to work from, to work out what their qualifications are. You might prefer to be treated by a dermatologist or you may prefer to be treated by a cosmetic physician or a surgeon, but at least you know what you’re buying.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, exactly. That’s so true. Buyer beware. Make sure you know what you’re getting.

Terrence: I think that’s wise.

Trish Hammond: Lovely.

If you’ve got any questions or you need to know any further about that, just drop us an email at If you’d like to see Dr Scamp’s team, you can do that at Esteem Medi Spa up on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane. Thank you so much for taking the time today.

Terrence: Thank you.

Trish Hammond: Thank you.


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