Dr Nicholas Moncrieff and his multi-award winning clinic Hunter Plastic Surgery in Newcastle NSW celebrated their 10 year anniversary this week, getting together with their loyal, dedicated staff and former patients. Since their opening in March 2009, Dr Nicholas Moncrieff has become renowned as one of Australia’s best plastic surgeons and even has his own hastag #moncrieffmagic. His equally talented wife Amber, who helps run their successful clinic, has also been recognised in recent years winning the Lake Macquarie Business Person of the Year two years running in 2016 and 2017.

Hunter Plastic Surgery 10th AnniversaryFocus on Women

Dr Moncrieff said part of their success was the realisation that there was a high demand for surgeons who focussed exclusively on female patients for post pregnancy and post weightloss. In early 2017 Dr Moncrieff moved his practice to focus exclusively on breast reductions, augmentations, tummy tucks and lifts. “This was a bold move as there are only a handful of Plastic Surgeons in the nation who are so specialised. But we have never had so much demand for my time, so it proves that we are doing what women want,” Dr Moncrieff stated.

$10,000 surgery giveaway

As part of their 10th anniversary celebrations Hunter Plastic Surgery wanted to mark the occasion a little differently. “We decided to offer one deserving women a breast reduction that she would otherwise struggle to afford. We agreed on a lovely woman, Lisa Naylor, who had a tummy tuck and thigh lift with me after a significant 35 kilo weight loss a few years ago. Lisa, like many women, has struggled with her large breast size for a number of years. Excessive breast tissue creates neck and shoulder issues and skin irritation, as well as limiting exercise and clothing options. So later this month I will be performing Lisa’s reduction and lift without her paying an out-of-pocket fee, saving her over $10,000.”

Hunter Plastic Surgery 10 year anniversary

Lisa Naylor being presented with her free breast reduction cheque!

Hunter Plastic Surgery An Awesome Team

One of the things Hunter Plastic Surgery are known for his their amazing team. This allows their patients to benefit from not only having one of the best plastic surgeons in the country but the best team for pre and post surgery care and support. It has also led to them getting a national reputation as a destination for patients from all over Australia. Amber says their team works together to ensure not just great clinical outcomes, but a five star experience as a whole. “We strive to provide something that isn’t always the norm in medical settings. As a result, we have won eight awards over the last 6 years, and now have a national reputation amongst prospective patients. In the past 12 months, almost a third of our patients have come from more than 50 kilometres away from Newcastle – including as far away as North Queensland and Perth! We must be doing something special for women to travel that far. We even started using the social media hastag of #MoncrieffMagic after a patient started posting her after photos using that term. We like to think we are providing magical transformations!

“I think our patients appreciate that we are so invested in helping them and work so closely to deliver that 5 star experience. Even little things like the fact they can message me on Instagram on the weekend and I will reply, is something that means a lot.” Amber says.

Hunter Plastic Surgery's 10th Anniversary

Dr Moncrieff’s happy patients also celebrated Hunter Plastic Surgery’s 10th Anniversary

Giving back to the community

Hunter Plastic Surgery also have a philosophy of giving back to their community through a number of initiatives. In the last 12 months alone they have donated over $15,000 to local, national and international causes including Interplast, Pink Ribbon Day and perhaps one of their most wonderful achievements, raised over $4,000 for disadvantaged youth through their participation in FebFast (for the second year in a row!). Amber says, “As a team, we also support a number of local events including as sponsors of Tubes 4 Boobs, Got Your Back Sista and Surfest. Hunter Plastic Surgery is also a supporter of Jodie’s Place Refuge in Branxton, providing hands-on assistance including funding a new website and raising funds to renovate the refuge over the past 2 years.”

Hunter Plastic Surgery's 10th Anniversary

Dr Moncrieff and Amber also celebrate their 10th Anniversary this month!

We’d like to send a big congratulations to Dr Nicholas Moncrieff and Hunter Plastic Surgery for not only their 10 years in practice, but for the 18,000 patients and over 20,000 surgical procedures Dr Moncrieff has performed in that time. We’d also like to send a special little congratulations to Nicholas and Amber who also celebrate 10 years of marriage this month!

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