At Cosmetex 2015, we managed to catch up with Paul McGee from Hi Tech Laser to have a chat about their HydraFacial device, which is a device used for a deep hydration of the skin, producing an amazing glow, here’s a rundown.

PSH: So, we are here today with Paul McGee from High Tech Laser and he’s going to talk about the HydraFacial which is a multi step process to hydrate the skin basically. So, Paul, can you tell us a little bit about the HydraFacial?

PM: Yes, so the whole concept is around creating healthy skin… really for life. And healthy skin takes the ageing process a lot more tolerably. So the idea is to create healthy skin which ages less quickly.

PSH: Now, a lot of people are saying that if you have this before and after a procedure, it actually helps with the procedure. Can you tell us what that actually means?

PM: Yes. If you’re using a laser for example for a resurfacing treatment or just a light laser rejuvenation, the laser’s got more ability to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin once you’ve done the treatment.

PSH: Ok. So there are 4 steps to this treatment, is that right?

PM: Yes, that’s right.

PSH: Ok. Can you please tell us a bit of step one?

PM: Yes. The four parts to the procedure really about the end result which, as you say, is all about getting really good hydration. But you also get a fantastic glow from the treatment; the texture is really lovely and the process is really about achieving that end point. So the first part of it is to really clean the skin, get rid of any excess makeup and it is also introducing a wetting agent; so that the peel which is the second part of it needs to get deep onto the dead skin cells, can really get to grips with the skin.

PSH: Ok, so part one is the cleanse, part two is the peel and part three?

PM: And part three is a full face extraction.

PSH: Perfect.

PM: So we really get into the pores and we’re able to do that because the peels have take you know, the protective layer off to some degree. And that’s got a salicylic acid in it so it mobilises the sebum, it’s easy to get out of the pores. So when you put the serum on, the fourth part of the treatment, it will really be easily absorbed on the skin.

PSH: Ok. So if you’ve got really sebaceous skin or porous skin or black heads it’s great to just give a deep, great cleanse.
PM: Yes, and you don’t get everything in the first treatment – you don’t get everything out, but then it’s designed as a monthly treatment so that’s the way to approach it. It’s just like going to the gym but just for your skin.

PSH: Alright, so it’s almost like a new age facial.

PM: Absolutely. And it produces instant results as well as accumulative results, so after three to four treatments you don’t notice the dips in between.

PSH: Ok. So the more you have done the better your skin gets over time.

PM: Yes, to a point. And once it’s at that level – that’s when skin is performing as well as it can on its own. Then there’s the diet, and proper skin care and all that sort of stuff.

PSH: Alright. And, the most important question, does it hurt?

PM: No. In the realm of cosmetic treatments, this is at the bottom end of pain.

PSH: Ok, so it’s relaxing.

PM: Some people find it really relaxing.

PSH: I’ve had it done and I loved it. It’s really relaxing in my mind.

PM: Well, you occasionally get people falling asleep! Yeah, but it’s not like a facial. You know you’ve had a treatment. There’s no downtime. You sometimes have a little bit of anathema for 10 to 15 minutes after the treatment.

PSH: So, a bit of redness?

PM: Yeah, just from the stimulation of blood flow.

PSH: And so just bit of mineral makeup and you’re out the door.

PM: Yeah, absolutely.

PSH: Alright, great. And the other question I want to ask you is it expensive?

PM: Look, the prices the people are charging for the treatment vary from a hundred and fifty for a really quick treatment which a lot of people like because they want to do it in their lunchtime. They want to just have the treatment and get out.

PSH: How long is quick?

PM: 20 minutes but that’s unusual. Usually it’s a half hour, and then there are clinics that are also doing a 45 minute treatment where they’ll do the basic treatment but they’ll put on a red light treatment at the end, and they’ll do a lymphatic treatment before.

PSH: Ok.

PM: And so they’re talking probably something closer to the $300 mark for that. The normal treatments around about $175.

PSH: Ok. So I’ve got a girlfriend who’s getting married and has had this done before and it was just like perfect because it just plumped everything up, so it’s ideal for special occasions or something like that.

PM: Absolutely, we get parties and things like that..

PSH: Ok, great. Excellent. If you got questions or if you’re looking for a practitioner who has the HydraFacial if you just click on the link below or otherwise just email us at

PSH: Thanks Paul.

PM: My pleasure.

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