I think almost all of us have done it at some stage. Laughed so hard we lost control for just long enough for a little bit of pee to come out. For some of us, it is completely manageable and moments like this are cause for even more laughter. However for others, it is no laughing matter. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 37% of women and 13% of men in Australia have experienced urinary incontinence (source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2006).

There are several reasons why we lose control over our pelvic floor muscles and therefore our ability to hold our bladder closed and stop from leaking. These might include childbirth – yes, we can blame this one again for this problem too; age – our muscles lose their strength and tightness as a natural part of ageing unless we make a specific effort not to lose function (pelvic floor muscle exercises are not to be under valued!); various disorders – such as multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury.

There are in fact various types of incontinence, some of the main ones being:

Stress incontinence
This is the one related to laughing too hard, or sneezing… anything where pressure is placed on the bladder, often quickly and without notice, ie. jumping off a trampoline and landing too hard on the ground. It happens because your pelvic floor muscles have become too loose.

Overflow incontinence
Where the urethra is blocked or the bladder has trouble contracting.

Urge incontinence
Caused by an overactive bladder and triggers urination or leakage without any apparent warning or reason.

Functional incontinence
This is when a person knows they need to wee but don’t have enough time to get to a toilet. This does not usually involve just a leak, it often means the total emptying of the bladder and can also occur due to dementia, inebriation (alcohol, drugs), inability to move either due to mobility issues or mental and psychological issues.

Regardless of the reasons of incontinence it can be the cause of embarrassment and can even dramatically alter and hinder your lifestyle. It can mean you can’t go anywhere without wearing pads, which can be uncomfortable and limiting.

We do occasionally get inquiries as to whether there is a solution for this issue, and we want to bring your attention back to a technology that we have already told you about on the Hub, the Mona Lisa Touch. This really is a revolutionary solution to the age old problem of incontinence and solves the issue without having to undergo surgery or any deal with any downtime.

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The Mona Lisa Touch is an easy five or ten minute procedure involving a fractional CO2 laser that delivers heat deep into the vaginal wall tissues that starts with a small ablation of surface tissue and then gradually tails off to deliver the right amount of heat to stimulate natural regeneration of tissue. In the weeks following treatment the vaginal tissue regains collagen, blood supply and hydration; and the strength, elasticity and health of the vaginal wall improves.

MonaLisa Touch can be of benefit for some types of incontinence issues and some women experience significant improvements following treatment. It is best to consult a MonaLisa Touch doctor to determine whether MonaLisa Touch is likely to benefit your type of incontinence. Many women who are experiencing incontinence are also experiencing a range of other symptoms that MonaLisa Touch will improve such as Vaginal Itching & Burning, Vaginal Dryness, Loss Of Lubrication, Abnormal Discharge, Vaginal Laxity and Painful Sexual Intercourse. If you are experiencing these symptoms in addition to incontinence it is likely that MonaLisa Touch be very beneficial as you will potentially see improvement across a wide range of symptoms.

We have spoken to quite a number of women who have had positive experiences with the Mona Lisa Touch and we asked one of them, Christine, how it had helped her. “It has completely changed how I approach life. Before the treatments with the Mona Lisa I often struggled to get out of the house, even to walk my young kids into school – I’d all too often stay in the car. I was totally embarrassed by my problem (of incontinence) and sometimes even the pads I wore would soak through and I would wear extra perfume to cover up the smell of urine that I was sure everyone I was near could smell as well. Then I actually heard about the Mona Lisa through the Hub. After one treatment I am so happy to tell you that I now don’t wear pads at all! I occasionally still have a tiny little bit come out if I do something out of the ordinary, like lots of physical exercise or I’m picking my bigger boy up to carry him to bed, but generally it’s a non-issue! I’m going to have a second treatment to see if it can get rid of the problem in total!”

If you’d like more information on the Mona Lisa Touch (it can help with much more than just incontinence too!) go here or to see if there’s a practitioner in your area who has the Mona Lisa Touch in their clinic go here.

We’d also love to hear of your experiences with the Mona Lisa. If you’ve tried it and had success we want to know! Email us at info@plasticsurgeryhub.com.au and tell us your story!


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