Ilke Sharratt – 
Positive Media Mentor (Motivation)

Iʼm passionate about motivating and inspiring others. What I love about Positive Media is that it can help individuals to change their ways by changing their thinking.

Positive media can assist one to get out of their comfort zone and start living the best version of oneself. Iʼm excited to be helping others to believe in themselves and their decisions to enjoy life the way they should be.

I am very proud to be a part of such a positive community and informative resource network that is Plastic Surgery Hub.


A true geek at heart, our Techie Team Leader Christine is fascinated with the ‘how’ of plastic surgery, the actual details on how flesh and bone can be molded and shaped to give confidence, comfort and quality of life to people seeking chance or recovering form trauma. Christine has a Bachelor of Information Systems and has been in the IT industry for twenty years.

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