Fat transfer has well and truly become a popular option for women wanting to increase their bust size, however fat transfer alone still has limits with regards to the size you can achieve. This is why many women wanting a larger bust but still hoping for a natural looking cleavage are choosing to have implants and fat transfer together to achieve their ideal boobs. This is called a hybrid breast augmentation procedure and Dr Allan Kalus, one of Australia’s fat transfer pioneers and perhaps Australia’s most experienced plastic surgeon when it comes to fat transfer, says more and more women are wanting to combine implants with fat transfer to get the perfect shape and size.

A more natural looking enlargement

One of the biggest concerns of any woman wanting to increase her bust size is what they will look like at the end of the journey, after they have dropped, fluffled and settled into their final position. Dr Kalus says some women shy away from implants because they’re concerned they will look “fake” or won’t sit the way natural breasts do, but they still want the size able to be achieved through implants. “A hybrid breast augmentation is particularly effective in correcting the cleavage and improving upper pole fullness, even in small breasts. By combining traditional breast implant devices with Autologous Fat Transfer, our surgeons are able to shape and contour the breasts in ways not possible with implants alone. Transferred fat supports the implants and adds a more natural shape to the breasts, whilst the implant increases breast size more than is possible through fat transfer alone.”

There are restrictions to the shape able to be achieved through implants alone. Breast fat transfer is able to be tailored to suit the individual patient and the fat can be inserted into the areas where the patient needs them to be to achieve the size and shape they want, working in harmony with the implants. Dr Kalus says, “As we have gained experience with Autologous Fat Transfer to the breasts, we have come to realise that for most women, even a small volume of fat transferred to the breasts will produce a far more aesthetic look than a large implant. This is because the fat can be selectively grafted into areas of need, such as the cleavage or the upper pole so that the volume increase is applied to the area where it is most needed.”

If you’d like to find out more about hybrid breast augmentation or breast fat transfer we have some resources for you here.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Allan Kalus contact him through Avenue Plastic Surgery in Victoria on 03 9521 1777.


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