Communication between the surgeon and patient is the key to the achievement of beautiful results with any cosmetic procedure. Adelaide-based Plastic Surgeon Dr Marcus Pyragius believes that open communication is one of the major factors that impacts how patients feel about their results. It’s essential that the patient and surgeon are on the same page, particularly since the essence of cosmetic procedures makes this a very subjective field. We chatted with Dr Pyragius about the importance of communicating with your surgeon.

Dr Marcus Pyragius

Dr Marcus Pyragius

“In the initial consultation with patients, I discuss the surgery and postoperative period in great detail. In this consultation, I outline what they should expect, along with the support that I will provide them with throughout the whole process.”
-Dr. Marcus Pyragius

Identifying your concerns and desired outcomes

Discussing in simple terms your concerns and desired outcomes is a critical starting point in a consultation. It is also worthwhile to write down your thoughts prior to the consultation.

Listening to your surgeon’s perspectives

Communication is not just stating your needs and desires. It also involves listening to your surgeon. A good plastic surgeon will take the time to explain the procedures in detail, helping you see whether or not your goals are realistic. If the outcome you hope to achieve from your surgery is not likely to happen, a quality surgeon will tell you. You need to listen to and consider this advice so as to avoid having results you are not happy with. Likewise, if the results you want are possible, but your surgeon feels they will not look as good as you hope, or will end up being more change than what he believes you are ready for, be prepared for advice pointing you toward something different.

Even if you have thoroughly researched the procedure you wish to have done, understand and accept the risks and know what the outcome will likely be, you may still have questions and concerns. This is normal, and you need to be confident in expressing those questions and concerns with your doctor. Do not feel silly for asking questions. Remember, your health and appearance are in your surgeon’s hands, so you need to feel confident in their skill and confident in your decision to have surgery, from the very first consult through to the recovery period after surgery.

Dr Pyragius says, “Providing my patients with the appropriate and required support following a procedure is imperative and something that I hold in high regard. I pride myself on developing a trusting relationship with my patients, one in which they feel they can call upon me at any stage through the process.”

The Final Decision

The decision for surgery is an important one. Explore and evaluate the opinions of others including your surgeon, however, the final decision should be yours. In addition, your priorities should be emphasised, not those of the surgeon. Ideally, the surgeon is there to listen, offer advice and personal opinion, and offer options to help you achieve the desired result. The surgeon should not be allowed to make your decision for you, nor should you expect that from the surgeon.

Each person has a unique self-image and sense of beauty, and it is important for your surgeon to understand your feelings and to work with you to help you achieve your goals. Taking an active role in your own care is the best way to get the outcome you want. Sometimes that means altering your expectations or considering a different approach, but it all starts with open lines of communication.

Dr Marcus Pyragius has a plethora of patients who all agree on his ability to understand and connect with his patients. If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Pyragius you can phone his clinic on (08) 8267 4000.

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