There’s been a lot of media and publicity lately on dodgy practitioners and the dangers of getting substandard results when having laser, light or injectable treatments. What we haven’t focussed on yet is the actual technologies and machines these practitioners are using when getting their dodgy results. As with practitioners, there are dodgy technology companies copying and trying to make a buck; and then there are the genuine, quality companies producing innovative and top of the range technologies that are transforming the non-surgical aesthetic industry.

There are a few companies to look at but we’ll start at the top. Cutera are definitely one of the best and most well-respected. Having been founded by veteran laser and optical engineers in 1998, they are at the forefront of the medical aesthetic industry with devices that deliver high performance results with a focus on safety and patient satisfaction.

Pioneers of the industry, Cutera focus their designs around the needs of their customers and constantly develop new devices and solutions based on a combination of new scientific discoveries and what the practitioners using their machines are demanding. The engineers who founded Cutera actually developed the first Nd YAG laser, which all other lasers from there on in are based on.

Their products and devices are some of the safest and most effective on the market, making them one of the most trusted medical aesthetics technology suppliers on the global market.

So, now that we’ve established they’re a brand to be trusted, let’s look at some of their devices and what we as consumer will want them for.

Enlighten – the world’s first all-in-one Picosecond+Nanosecond tattoo removal – this is my favourite – check the results after 3 of these treatments for tattoo removal – astounding! Black & Colours too!!

Excel V – Ideal vein laser therapy, to treat superficial and deep veins on the face and legs, on all skin tones.

Excel HR – premium laser hair removal.

TruSculpt – Body Contouring and cellulite reduction.

Limelight IPL – vascular lesions, redness, tiny veins, brown spots, sun damage, freckles, rosacea, broken capillaries, birthmarks.

Laser Genesis – “Laser Facial”, complexion perfection, helps with rosacea, redness, acne scarring, large pores, uneven texture, and more!

So, as our first company under the spotlight, Cutera certainly set a standard. They give us a benchmark for who to compare other companies for sure.

The beauty of having a treatment by a Cutera laser or device is that they only supply their devices to suitably qualified practitioners, doctors, surgeons and clinics. So you can feel a lot better knowing that you are having a quality treatment by a quality practitioner.

To find out where your nearest Cutera device or practitioner is click here.


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